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'Yellowjackets' ending explained: Behold the Antler Queen!

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By now, it is safe to say that Yellowjackets is one of the best TV shows to premiere in 2021. The ten-episode run of the first season concluded with "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi". Though there are still plenty of questions about the show, some have been answered in the most recent episode.

It took the unconventional road by not cluttering the finale with "big" events all around. Instead, the slow-burning approach of the episode helped pile on more and more layers of mystery, leading to a devastatingly strong final quarter.


The first major character death, a hidden side of the logical one, and the (probable) revelation of the Antler Queen marked the end of the first season of Yellowjackets. Here's a detailed look at the ending of Yellowjackets Episode 10.

Unexpected twist of Jackie's fate

Jackie (Ella Purnell) has been a character of great intrigue. It was also revealed a few episodes earlier that she did not survive. Her death was a matter of a lot of speculations and fan theories. As much as fans of Yellowjackets expected her to be stabbed or eaten, this episode revealed something entirely different.


Jackie's death stems from a high-school-based argument. When Shauna (Sophie N茅lisse) and Jackie get into an argument, the group sides with the former. A hurt and humiliated Jackie decides to fend for herself. As Shauna chooses to hold on to her pride, Jackie remains outside in the cold night.

The following morning the girls discover that it had snowed. A devasted Shauna finds Jackie frozen to death, explaining her guilt over the latter's death. It is yet to be seen if Jackie's dead body becomes the first to be used as food by the girls.

Election results: Dark side of Taissa

taissa in a position of power if her and lottie are working together things are gonna get ugly #yellowjackets
12:25 PM 路 Jan 16, 2022

Taissa's (played by Tawny Cypress) election campaign has been one of the major plot points of Yellowjackets. She is seen struggling, physically and emotionally, amidst the threat of blackmail to protect her campaign. However, it seems that her relationship with her wife and child is not the only thing Taissa sacrificed to win the election.

When Taissa's wife, Simone (Rukiya Bernard), comes home to get some of her things, she discovers a blood-stained secret room in their basement. Simone discovers the chopped head of their family dog and its heart on a platform inside the room. This indicates Taissa's dark secret with Voddo and perhaps black magic.

Fans can infer from this episode that Taissa, the logical one in the group, perhaps believes in darker things than they imagined at this point.

The Antler Queen: Lottie's grip in the present?

lottie really went from this to this in one season #yellowjackets
1:25 AM 路 Jan 16, 2022

Lottie (Courtney Eaton) was teased as the fabled "Antler Queen" quite a few times before. But this episode's ending sees her fully transform into a cult leader with two girls, Van (Liv Hewson) and Misty (Sammy Hanratty), kneeling behind her, as she offers a bear heart in the form of a sacrifice.

Earlier in this episode of Yellowjackets, a bear attack was intercepted by Lottie. She proceeded to kill it, with the bear almost giving itself up, which is unexplained in itself. However, the ending sees Lottie take the dead bear's heart to a shrine-like place and offer it.

In the present timeline, a suicidal Natalie (Juliette Lewis) is forcefully abducted by a group of men. As she is taken away, her phone receives a voicemail revealing that Travis's account was emptied by someone named "Lottie Matthews".

'Yellowjackets': Secrets for Season 2

The show ended with some mysteries untangled but left many behind. The ending opened up many new dimensions for Yellowjackets. With a second season confirmed, it is not slowing down anytime soon.


The series is planned for a five-season haul, and it looks like it will maintain its slow-burning temper.

Nothing has been revealed about the second season so far, but it will surely be another great ride. Until all the mysteries are resolved, stay tuned for more updates.

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