Serena Williams on her life away from the spotlight

"Behind closed doors, life is different" - Serena Williams opens up on her life away from the spotlight 

Serena Williams revealed that she was 'evolving' away from her illustrious career post the 2022 US Open in New York after dominating the sport for more than two decades.

In an episode of The Business of Feelings podcast, former World No. 1 Williams revealed that it got lonely for her when she was dominating the sport, which impacted her personal life from time to time. The 23-time Grand Slam champion also opened up about living in the spotlight and claimed that her life was different behind closed doors.

"It can definitely be lonely at the top and in particular tennis, people don't realize how many hours you spend by yourself. So much so, it was hard for me in a relationship because I was so used to being alone every single minute and day of my life that I can't even be around people and a lot of people don't realize that. So you get this celebration, great but behind closed doors, life is different," Williams said.
"You have to live your life whether it's going outside becomes a problem because there is no privacy but all that stuff is great because if there is no privacy it means you are successful and that's kind of what you want. But it comes at a cost and it's worth the cost if you think it is but there's always a trade-off," she added.

"I think that day [when I retire] will be weird, but I also will be extremely excited" - Serena Williams

Serena Williams reacts in the third set against Ajla Tomlijanovic at the 2022 US Open

Serena Williams also mentioned that she was looking forward to retirement as she has lived her entire life on a schedule and in pursuit of achieving her goals.

The 41-year-old stated that while the day she retired would be weird, she was also excited about living her life with a schedule.

"My whole life that I can remember, I've been getting up and training, or training mentally, for a goal, and so I think that day [when I retire] will be weird, but I also will be extremely excited, because my whole life, I've woken up and had to train for a goal or something, and this is the first day I won't even have to think about it ever," Serena Williams expressed.

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