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Stan Wawrinka took umbrage at the ITF once again on Thursday over their handling of a Futures tournament in Albuquerque

Stan Wawrinka takes shots at ITF over the poor state of hardcourts at M15 Albuquerque event

Stan Wawrinka recently lashed out at the International Tennis Federation (ITF) after a video documenting the low-quality hardcourts at a $15k Futures tournament in Albuquerque, USA, went viral.

Earlier on Thursday (September 28), World No. 1440 Finn Bass started the discourse regarding the surface being used at the ITF M15 Albuquerque event. The Brit took to his X (formerly Twitter) handle to post videos of how tennis balls weren't bouncing up on the hardcourts at the tournament venue.


He also lambasted the global tennis body for showing "no respect or care for player welfare".

"Do better… @ITFTennis, @usta. Completely unacceptable conditions here at M15 Albuquerque, can evidently see the courts are not playable in any way shape or form. Absolutely no respect or care for player welfare and how much money we spend to compete in these tournaments," the Brit wrote.
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Bass' sentiments concerning the ITF not looking out for players resonated with Stan Wawrinka, who asked them to give an explanation while reposting the Brit's complaints on social media.

"ITF, any comment?" the Swiss wrote along with a facepalm emoji.
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Stan Wawrinka was also at loggerheads with the ITF over their handling of the Davis Cup

Stan Wawrinka hits a smash at the 2023 Davis Cup Finals

Stan Wawrinka, a three-time Major winner, has been on the ITF's case since early September. The Swiss first complained on social media about the lack of spectators during the Davis Cup group stage match between his home country and France in Manchester, UK.

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He also tagged Gerard Pique in his post since it was the Spaniard's Kosmos Group that had overhauled the 123-year-old event's best-of-five format in 2018. The following week, Wawrinka went as far as to accuse the ITF of hiring people to attend matches at the team event and support various nations.


The tennis governing body had signed a 25-year partnership with Pique-owned Kosmos in a bid to make the Davis Cup more popular across the world. Various changes were made to the competition by the new organizers, one of which included holding matches in a few select neutral locations.

The ITF, however, was not satisfied with the first few editions of the revamped event. They ended the Davis Cup partnership with Komsos at the beginning of this year, though. Kosmos, on their part, is now looking to claim $50 million in damages from them for the premature termination of its contract.

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