Serena Williams and her father Richard Williams.

Venus and Serena Williams' stepmom Lakeisha hits back at creditors' "grossly unreasonable" demands as fate of Williams' Florida home hangs in balance

Venus Williams and Serena Williams' debt-ridden stepmom Lakeisha Juanita Williams is embroiled in a court case against her main creditor and his lawyers, who have demanded money from her.

Lakeisha, who already owes her creditor more than $500,000, has now been asked to pay the legal expenses in connection with the case by her creditor's lawyers. She is on the verge of losing the Williams sisters' childhood home in Florida, which she allegedly transferred to her name a few years ago by forging Venus and Serena Williams' dad Richard Williams' signature.


But Lakeisha, who is Richard's ex-wife, has objected to the legal charges as well as the investigation into the finances of her and her aunt - the latter of whom is also said to be living in the Florida house.

According to The Sun, a court document from a recent hearing states that Lakiesha has called the demand for money from the lawyers "frivolous" and "grossly unreasonable."

"Amounts charged toward a frivolous Rule 2004 Examination of both the debtor and her aunt, Betty Downing, who is a non-party to this case. No 'state' secrets were revealed," the statement read.
"Debtor (Lakeisha Willliams) objects to the fees requested on the basis that such fees are untimely and grossly unreasonable… amounts charged for numerous reviews, correspondences, emails, meetings with para-professional, client meetings, attorney's meetings, and numerous telephonic calls to discuss the status of case were excessive and unnecessary," it added.

The legal expenses owed by Lakiesha stand in excess of $37,000.


After allegedly forging Richard's signature, the 43-year-old Lakeisha Williams took out a home loan on the Florida property. Her creditor has accused her of blowing away all the loan money on a failed business and other unnecessary expenses, leading to the legal proceedings that have been going on since 2017.

The creditor wants the house to be auctioned off to repay his debt. Lakiesha has tried to hold on to the house by filing for bankruptcy again, with two such claims having already been dismissed in the past.

The current state of Venus and Serena Williams' childhood home in Florida

Serena Williams (L) and Venus Williams at the 2022 US Open - Day 4.

The property, which has been in the family of Venus and Serena Williams since 1995, is believed to be in bad shape due to neglect. Lakeisha Williams' creditor claims that the house is uninsurable and that it is now worth just half of its true value which stands at $1.4 million.

According to photos released by The Sun earlier this year it seems the house has been badly maintained, with multiple repairs having been carried out on the roof.

Lakiesha claims that she can repay the entire debt of over $500,000 over the next five years. But if the court renders her unable to do so, the Williams family stands to lose their family home. The next hearing is scheduled for December 1.

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