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  • Victoria Azarenka reveals how her son Leo responds to being "on thin ice" with her by using a hilarious Frozen 2 meme
Victoria Azarenka and her son Leo

Victoria Azarenka reveals how her son Leo responds to being "on thin ice" with her by using a hilarious Frozen 2 meme

Victoria Azarenka recently shared a hilarious meme to reveal how her son copes with being "on thin ice" with her.

Azarenka is making the most of her offseason, creating memories with her six-year-old son Leo, whom she welcomed with her former boyfriend Billy McKeague in 2016.


She recently shared Leo’s heart-warming gesture as she filmed the six-year-old assisting her with groceries during their trip to the store.

“Leo said, “Mom don’t worry, I carry the groceries,” she wrote on Instagram.

The two-time Grand Slam champion, however, also hilariously indicated that things aren’t always merry between the two. Azarenka recently shared a Frozen 2-themed meme, highlighting her son’s indifference when she tries to scold him. The meme showed Olaf, the snowman, delightedly dancing on ice.

The caption read:

“Me telling my son he is on thin ice:
My son: [Olaf dancing on ice]”

Victoria Azarenka was in complete agreement with the meme.

“Leo 100%” she jokingly wrote on her Instagram story.
Victoria Azarenka on Instagram

Victoria Azarenka: "I don't want to miss out on anything when Leo’s growing up"

Azarenka and Leo at the 2022 Australian Open

Earlier this year, Victoria Azarenka opened up about juggling her personal and professional life.

"Well, it has changed quite a bit throughout the years,” she said during a Wimbledon press conference.

The mother-of-one said that she has been able to better allocate time for herself now that Leo has started going to school.

“My son is six-and-a-half years old now, and he started school, so I have a little bit of free time once I drop him off to school during the day," Azarenka said.

Azarenka also revealed that she felt ‘guilty’ and ‘selfish’ at times when she was unable to be by Leo’s side due to her personal commitments. The former World No. 1 hinted that she feared missing out on her son growing up.

"But for me the biggest challenge, I would say, was an emotional attachment. Kind of carrying that guilt of having time for myself and plan my day. Be sometimes a little bit selfish. I had a feeling that I don't want to miss out on really anything when he's growing up," she admitted.

Azarenka’s six-year-old occasionally accompanies her to her tournaments of late. However, Azarenka confessed that having him around can be conflicting as well since she is unable to be in the zone as a tennis player.

"Now my son wants to come to my matches (smiling). It's still a bit of a hard feeling for me, because I get a bit distracted. I tried that in 's-Hertogenbosch, and it was a very awesome moment to share, but at the same time it kind of takes me a bit, you know, into my ‘mom-mode’ too much rather than being a tennis player," Victoria Azarenka added.
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