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"We love Daddy Longlegs" - Sloane Stephens & Madison Keys discuss nicknames of their ATP counterparts ft. Frances Tiafoe, Christopher Eubanks & others

Madison Keys and Sloane Stephens featured in an exhibition match at the Dallas Open over the weekend, where they got together for a hysterical interview discussing the nicknames for their ATP counterparts, who are currently competing in the ATP 250 event.

The Americans replaced Venus Williams and Danielle Collins at the Dallas Open after Williams was forced to pull out due to injury and Collins was unavailable due to scheduling conflicts.


In the interview, Keys recounted the hilarious interaction she had with her United Cup teammate Frances Tiafoe in Sydney. When Tiafoe learned that Keys would be turning 28 in February, he commented that it felt like she had been around the tennis circuit for much longer than that.

"I feel like you've been around for 40 years," Tiafoe cheekily told Keys.

Ever since that interaction, Tiafoe has been referring to Keys as 'OG'. The 28-year-old has taken that to mean that Tiafoe has just found a nicer way to call her old through the nickname.

"You just mean I'm old. Like, that's your nice way of calling me old," Keys commented about the nickname.

When the two were asked about Denis Kudla, they both immediately said 'poor Denis' practically in unison. That's not surprising considering the nickname given to Kudla by Tiafoe, which is 'Bald Head Kudla'. Keys recalled how the unfortunate nickname had somehow just turned into 'Bald Head'.

"Oh no. Poor baby, it's not his fault," Stephens sympathized with Kudla.
Which @atptour players are called Bald Head and Daddy Long Legs? 🤣

@Madison_Keys and @SloaneStephens give us their take on some of the Dallas Open players and dish on @FTiafoe.

When asked about Mackenzie McDonald, the pair immediately said how much they loved the 27-year-old.

"Mackie's so cute, I love him," Stephens commented.

The next player they were asked about was Marcos Giron and Stephens reminisced about being a junior tennis player with Giron.

"Marcos was like the cutest boy in juniors. Everyone had like the biggest crush on him," she recalled.

The two cheekily stated that they were glad JJ Wolf had gotten rid of his mullet.

"I'm glad that the mullet's gone," Keys confessed.

The most hilarious part of the interview came when they were asked about Christopher Eubanks. Stephens sarcastically referred to him as a giraffe and assigned him a priceless new nickname.

"Don't even get me started on that giraffe," Stephens said, adding, "We love Daddy Longlegs."

Given that Eubanks towers over most people at 6 feet 7 inches, it is not an inaccurate nickname.

Madison Keys reacts to hilarious outtake from interview with Sloane Stephens

Keys at the 2020 Brisbane International

While discussing these funny nicknames in an interview with the Dallas Open, Madison Keys and Sloane Stephens lost all composure and descended into laughter.

Stephens tried to pass the question off to Keys before telling the cameraman to leave that part out of the video.

"Please cut this part," Stephens said while giggling uncontrollably.

Madison Keys reposted the clip to her Instagram story with a few emojis.

Keys' Instagram story

It is safe to say that Keys and Stephens had a blast during their time at the Dallas Open Women's Tennis Classic.

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