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The Agents in Valorant have some really interesting voicelines in the game (Image via Riot Games)

Best Valorant Agent voice lines

The best Valorant Agent voice lines are ones that resonate with their characters and firmly adhere to the locations from which these individuals hail. The Valorant Agent roster has 24 personalities from different parts of the world, and apart from having unique abilities, they also have unique and quirky voice lines.

Some of these voice lines, as heard in the game, are golden. These iconic voice lines in Valorant have been etched into fans' minds, irrespective of how they feel about the Agent.


Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

Here's the best Valorant Agent voice lines


10) "I am not just your healer!" - Sage


This line is heard whenever Sage clutches a round in Valorant. The term clutch is used when the last player of a team wins a round for their team.

Sage is usually a support character who doesn't play on the front line. Her abilities include healing allies and slowing down enemies.

Many people disregard this Agent because it's difficult to play aggressively with her. However, she's a versatile hero and can be used to pull off insane plays. This line supports that very fact.


9) "None of my stuff has malfunctioned yet! Can we celebrate that?" - Raze


Raze is Valorant's resident explosives expert. As a duelist, this Agent is armed with explosives that she uses to seek out gunfights and engage enemies while entering sites or roaming around the map.

As a person, Raze has an amusing personality who loves experimenting with explosives, as noticed in her voice lines. Everyone knows that experiments can always go wrong.

Most of Raze's explosives are nothing but experiments. In this line, she expresses her happiness that her devices are working as intended.

8) "Don't stress if I die. It was great knowing you all. Also, delete my hard drive." - Killjoy


Killjoy is a tech-wiz and also a part of the Valorant Protocol. She's the one responsible for building most of the technically advanced items seen in-game.

In fact, it's also popularly believed that she's the one who built KAY/O. However, there isn't any tangible proof to back up this claim.

That said, Killjoy might be a fun individual, but she has secrets that not many people know. While she's not stressed about dying, she's worried someone will discover her secrets after her death.

7) "WAIT, WHAT? I'M LISTENING TO MUSIC, LET ME JUST... you say something? What did she say?" - Raze


Raze can be heard speaking this line in response to one of Neon's lines in Valorant. This line hints that she's slightly absent-minded and usually loves to remain in her bubble.

Raze doesn't usually stick to a strategic approach and likes using her explosives to make a grand entry. This is something that her fellow Agents don't appreciate most of the time.

However, this is something that can get the job done as well.

"Should I shoot them in the face or stab them in the back? I'll decide later." - Yoru


Yoru is one of the newer Agents in Valorant whose skillsets revolve around teleportation. That is something that reflects in his voice lines as well.

Overall, this individual is mostly sarcastic and has no time to fool around. Yoru usually hates everyone on the enemy team and has snarky comments almost every time his teammates say something.

Moreover, Yoru seems to be competing with both Phoenix and Reyna when it comes to killing their enemies.

5) "Our guests have arrived. Let's make a good first impression, shall we?" - Chamber


Chamber is a French marksman who is also a part of the Valorant Protocol. As an individual, he ticks all the boxes when making a style statement.

He exudes a calm demeanor and is straightforward like any regular Frenchman. Moreover, his entire personality revolves around being stylish and elegant, which the French are known for.

Chamber is probably one of the few Agents who shares a friendly bond with everybody else on the roster.

4) "Dreams are a funny thing. One little twist and it all turns dark." - Fade


Hailing from Turkey, Fade is the newest Agent to have joined the ever-expanding list in Valorant. Other than Omen, she is the only individual obsessed with nightmares and fear.

Overall, Fade has a slightly dark personality, which is well depicted in her voice lines. Moreover, she loves to manipulate the dreams and nightmares of others, often relying on fear to incapacitate them. This feature makes her a very deadly Agent.

3) "We move as a unit, okay? Last thing I need is some hero messing things up." - Skye


This Australian Agent is all about working together as a team, which many players forget while playing Valorant. Skye is absorbing because she has the ability to heal her entire team.

Her line about moving as a unit reminds all the lone wolves who try to wing it just and get killed. It's better to move as a team than trying to be a hero and getting sniped after taking the first peek time after time.

2) "This is fun. Who needs training dummies when you have real dummies!" - Jett


Jett comes off as a slightly arrogant and brash character who likes to dash in and out of sticky situations. In the right hands, she can be deadly.

Jett tends to underestimate the prowess of her enemies. As seen in the line above, she's usually dismissive of them and believes they aren't smart enough.

While she hates her enemies, Jett has nothing but respect for her teammates, as seen in her friendly banter with them.

1) "Don't worry, guys, they say I'm a prodigy. Not my words! Not my words, baby!" - Phoenix


Phoenix is the only one who can come close to Jett in terms of being overconfident and borderline arrogant. He loves glorifying himself in every way possible.

Overall, Phoenix believes that others call him a prodigy. Despite his jokes not working, he's just a smug individual who loves bragging about his achievements.

However, even when he's bragging, he does so with panache. Everything about him and his style is cool. Chamber might be stylish and elegant, but he can't be as cool as Phoenix.

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