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Image via Riot Games and Average Jonas

Average Jonas, an opera-singing YouTuber turned Valorant’s masterful One Trick

New talents coming out of YouTube basing their talent on a single game is not new. But ever now-and-then, a personality comes along to become a standout entertainer and content creator.

One of them being Jonas “Average Jonas” Navarsete in Valorant. Navarsete is a professional opera singer who has created many gaming-related videos on his YouTube channel - Average Jonas - which he started in 2013.


Life-story of Average Jonas

Navarsete has led an extraordinary life. When he was young, music inspired him to become a choir boy. While growing up, music had been an integral part of his life, and he focused on his passion for making a career out of it.


Not long after, Navarsete became an opera singer and started making fantastic videos on his YouTube channel. There are now many videos of him covering different songs to singing in separate voices in one video.


During that time, his primary focus on content creation was to make parody songs of CS: GO. Well, what is a Norwegian without some CS: GO in his blood. He soon became quite famous for such videos, and CS: GO players worldwide started recognizing him.

However, by the time these videos came out, the internet was saturated with such parody videos. He had to think out of the box and bring out some different strategies.


It was hard for him to juggle between such a project and his life of music evenly. So he made up his mind to give up on the project and focus on music more.

Experience of Jonas in Valorant

Navarsete has been a sucker for CS: GO and Overwatch. He played both the games back when Overwatch was still the best thing in Esports. More than shooting, he was fascinated by the usage of skills in an FPS game. Overwatch won his heart by that aspect alone.

Soon after the announcement of Valorant, Riot’s next-in-line skill-oriented FPS game, Navarsete was ready to try it out. Considering how enthusiastic he was about the game, Riot thought of a plan. They invited him to try out the game in open beta.

After grinding countless hours in Valorant, Navarsete quickly made his name in the community. The game is heavily centered around the skills of different agents. Capitalizing on that, Navarsete made a name with skill shots with Sova in Valorant.


He was always trying and looking for different angles and places to hit skill shots. He was so good at it that he got featured in many skill-based videos over on YouTube.

Navarsete's skill was so good that even pro players started using them in professional games.

Future of Jonas in Valorant

From a choir boy to a singer, transitioning into such a phenomenal content creator for Valorant. To his utmost surprise, on January 9th, 2021, Navarsete was approached by Team Liquid.

Team Liquid’s tweet about hiring Navarsete took the community by storm.

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It was a massive leap for his personal life, as well as for his career. Team Liquid hired him on the grounds of content creation for Apex Legends and Valorant for the team.

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