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The best Ghost skins in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

7 best Ghost skins in Valorant

The Ghost is a semi-automatic silenced pistol in Valorant that costs 500 in-game credits. This weapon does a headshot damage of 105 HP (Health Points) in the 0-30m range and 87 HP in the 30-50m range. It is also known to be quite accurate in 'run and gun' scenarios, making it a highly picked weapon for the initial rounds of a match.

With a wide variety of weapons available in Valorant's armory, the developers have always tried to release various types of skin collections. Since the game's release in 2020, the Ghost has also received several alluring skinlines to its name. These bundles always represent themes like magic, military, sci-fi, etc., and can be purchased directly from the store. Below is a list of the seven such Ghost skins that are arguably the best in Valorant.


Note: This list is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

Sovereign, Radiant Entertainment System, and three more Ghost skins that are satisfying to use in Valorant


1) Sovereign Ghost


Sovereign is a Premium Edition collection released in June 2020, featuring skins for Ghost, Marshal, Stinger, Guardian, and Melee. Its Ghost skin costs 1775 VP (Valorant Points) and has four different variants: the default gold/white, gold/green, silver, and purple.

Sovereign is one of the oldest skin collections in Valorant. It remains a favorite due to its minimal look and satisfying kill sound effects. When shooting the weapon, players will hear a "kashhing" sound effect, which is clean, subtle, and does not cause any distraction. On top of that, it has a very cool kill finisher wherein a giant mystical sword pierces through the last enemy, turning them into golden ash.

2) Radiant Entertainment System Ghost


The Radiant Entertainment System collection is an Ultra Edition collection released in April 2023. It consists of skins for Ghost, Operator, Phantom, Bulldog, and Melee. The RES Ghost is priced at 2975 VP and is available in three different variants: the Bazooka Badger, Dance Fever, and K.nock O.ut!


The developers wanted this bundle to be a love letter to all the games they had grown up playing with in the past. Hence, all the variants were based on the popular retro arcade games of the previous generation. This "Arcade" bundle is one of the most unique in the game, offering three variants, each with its unique kill finishers, sound effects, and animations.

3) Reaver Ghost


The Reaver collection is a Premium Edition bundle and was one of the first skin bundles that the Valorant developers created. Its 2.0 version was released in August 2022 and featured skins for the Odin, Spectre, Phantom, and Melee. The Reaver Ghost is a mid-range skin that costs 1775 VP and features four variants: purple, black, red, and white.

Reaver has always been in conversations regarding the most popular skins in the game. The first collection was received very well, and we saw the 2.0 also get the same amount of love. Reaver's bell-kill sound effect is easily one of the best, as it feels both loud and subtle at the same time. It also has a clean reload animation where the character model uses dark magic to remove the empty magazine without touching it.

4) Gaia's Vengeance Ghost


Gaia's Vengeance is a Premium Edition collection released in March 2022 with skins for Ghost, Vandal, Guardian, Marshal, and Melee. This Ghost is mid-ranged with a 1775 VP price tag and four variants: white/red, blue, green, and orange.

After its release, the Gaia bundle became an instant favorite for Valorant players due to its soothing animations and sound effects. Weapons in this collection look like they are made out of wood and have magical crystals inside them. Its kill finisher traps the final enemies in a tree, which will change color according to the variant equipped.

5) Magepunk Ghost


Magepunk is a Premium tier collection released in April 2021. The first version of the bundle included skins for Ghost, Spectre, Marshal, Bucky, Ares, and Melee. With four different variants: blue, green, purple, and orange, the Ghost is priced at 1775 VP.

Among all the skins in Valorant, Magepunk is the only bundle to receive a 3.0 version. Its steampunk aesthetic and electric bullet tracers have attracted many players all over the world to the Magepunk bundles. It also has a very cool kill finisher wherein the final enemy is trapped in a glass chamber, only to be electrocuted and turned into ashes.

6) Ruination Ghost


Ruination is an Exclusive edition collection released in July 2021 that has skins for Ghost, Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, and Melee. The Ruination Ghost is one of the more expensive, costing 2175 VP. It comes in four variants: emerald, purple, red/yellow, and green.

Riot Games has made its presence known by creating numerous successful online multiplayer games like League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, etc. Every now and then, they like to release collaborative content within their games. The Ruination collection is one such example, as it witnessed characters from League of Legends lend their voice to Valorant skins. The Ruination Ghost's ghoulish aesthetic, mixed with the smoke effects, makes it a very appealing purchase for the players.

7) Recon Ghost


The Recon is a Premium Edition collection released in August 2021 that saw skins for Ghost, Spectre, Guardian, Phantom, and Melee. The Ghost in this skinline costs 1775 VP and comes in four variants: camo, red camo, blue camo, and green camo.

Unlike other weapon skins on this list, Recon does not have any visual effects or a kill finisher. However, it does offer something unique to the players: after upgrading the weapon, it can be equipped with attachments like a flashlight, laser sight, and even a foregrip. While these don't offer any advantages, they are certainly a great visual addition to the weapons.

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