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Best Valorant team compositions for Omen (Image via Sportskeeda)

5 best Valorant team compositions for Omen

Valorant, the popular first-person shooter developed by Riot Games places a strong emphasis on tactical team play. One crucial aspect of coordination is selecting the right Agent compositions for each map. The lineup plays a vital role in determining the success of a match. Each map presents unique challenges and requires specific strategies to overcome them.

The five team compositions featuring Omen on various Valorant maps discussed in this article provide a strong foundation for success. We will explore the lineups that feature Omen, the shadowy Controller Agent. Each composition will be analyzed based on its synergy, strategic value, and overall effectiveness.


Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's views.

Best team combos for Omen in Valorant


1) Composition for Haven and Fracture: Omen, Sage, Sova, Raze, Phoenix


On Haven and Fracture, a well-rounded team composition can make or break your chances of success. This particular lineup offers excellent versatility and coverage across the maps. Omen's smokes can provide strategic positioning, while Sage's healing abilities contribute to the team's sustainability.

Sova's recon abilities aid in gathering information and controlling the map. Raze's explosive power can break through enemy defenses, and Phoenix's aggressive playstyle provides firepower and entry-fragging potential. This composition allows for a balanced mix of control, fragging power, and sustainability.

2) Composition for Ascent: Omen, Skye, Killjoy, Breach, Phoenix


Ascent is known for its tight corridors and close-quarters combat, requiring precise coordination to gain an advantage. This composition capitalizes on crowd control and area denial, making it highly effective on this map. Omen's smokes are crucial for blocking sightlines, while Skye's abilities offer excellent map control and utility.


Killjoy's abilities are crucial for map control while defending and even while attacking on this map in conjunction with Breach's stunning abilities. Lastly, Phoenix's flashes and self-healing ability allow for aggressive pushes and successful entries. This lineup excels at manipulating the map and forcing enemies into unfavorable positions.

3) Composition for Split: Omen, Cypher, Sage, Raze, Sova


Split's verticality and multiple points of entry demand a strategic composition with a strong defensive backbone. This team composition leverages Omen's teleportation abilities and smoke screens to provide opportunities for Cypher's surveillance and trap placement.

Sage's healing abilities and wall can be instrumental in holding sites and delaying enemy advances. Raze's explosive capabilities help clear out tight spaces, while Sova's recon and utility offer valuable map control. This lineup enables a solid defense and efficient rotations, making it well-suited for Split's unique layout.

4) Composition for Lotus: Omen, Sage, Chamber, Reyna, Raze


Lotus, a map featuring tight chokepoints and limited sightlines, requires a composition that excels in close-quarters combat and aggressive play. Omen's smokes enable strategic positioning and offensive pushes. Sage's healing abilities and wall can sustain the team during engagements.

Chamber's damage and lockdown potential are complemented by Reyna's aggressive playstyle and self-healing abilities. Raze's explosives add an extra layer of utility and crowd control. This composition capitalizes on quick and aggressive plays, overwhelming the enemy with firepower and taking control of key areas.

5) Composition for Pearl and Bind: Omen, Gekko, Sage, Viper, Reyna


Pearl and Bind are maps with several tight corridors and corners. They benefit from a composition that excels in area denial and controlling the flow of the game. Omen's smokes allow for effectively blocking sightlines and offensive positioning. Gekko's ability to create distractions and disorient the enemy pairs well with Sage's sustainability and crowd control.

Viper's toxic abilities can lock down areas and cut off enemy rotations. Reyna's self-sustain and aggressive potential make her a formidable entry fragger. This composition excels at isolating enemies and forcing them into unfavorable engagements.

It's important to note that team composition alone does not guarantee victory in Valorant. Effective communication, coordination, and individual skill are equally crucial. Adaptability is key, as the dynamic nature of Valorant often requires teams to adjust their strategies on the fly.

When implementing these team compositions, it's also essential to consider player preferences, playstyles, and map-specific strategies. Experimentation and practice will help teams fine-tune their coordination and optimize their gameplay.


Ultimately, the success of a team composition in Valorant depends on the players' ability to work together, communicate effectively, and make quick decisions under pressure. These five compositions provide a solid starting point, but players should continue to experiment, adapt, and evolve their strategies.

In the ever-evolving world of Valorant, mastering team compositions and strategic play is an ongoing process. By analyzing the unique challenges presented by each map and tailoring their compositions accordingly, players can enhance their chances of victory in Valorant.

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