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Valorant professional Twisten dies at 19 (Image via Sportskeeda)

"His energy on stage will never be forgotten"- Valorant community mourns the loss of Team Vitality's Karel "Twisten" Ašenbrener

Valorant professional Karel "Twisten" Ašenbrener passed away last night due to mental health complications. A successful pillar for Team Vitality, he helped his team succeed on many occasions in professional play. The community is extremely saddened by this news as the 19-year-old had a bright future ahead of him after such a great tenure with Team Vitality.


The Valorant community has shared their thoughts as they continue to extend their condolences to Karel's friends and family.

The Valorant community on Twitter shares their thoughts on Karel's death


Professional Counter Strike team HEROIC also shared their condolences on Twitter, mentioning Karel's close ones:

@TeamVitality Our condolences, love & strength to all those close to him.

Rest in Peace

Professional teams like LOUD also shared their condolences over Twitter as they commented on Team Vitality's official post:

@TeamVitality Our condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace

Team Heretics also made their way to the post, extending their condolences over the Twitter post:

@TeamVitality We are deeply sad to hear about this. Much strength to his loved ones

Valorant professionals like NAVI CNED and NRG FNS also sent their thoughts and prayers for Karel, as both of these players have been giants in the community for so long. It is only natural that they must have crossed paths with Twisten before:


Content creators, friends, and the rest of the community on Twisten's death


NAVI content creator who goes by the tag of @_SoMarcus on Twitter expressed their feelings on Team Vitality's official post, mentioning that Twisten was one of the kindest souls he knew. He also expressed his feelings on how Karel will forever be missed and his love for the player:

@TeamVitality One of the kindest souls I knew and will forever be missed. I love you mate, rest in peace

Karel's friends, like @sinister1a on Twitter, also expressed their thoughts, as the user mentioned their regret for not being able to do much for him. They also mentioned how his close ones tried their best to make Twisten stay and make him happy.

They concluded their statement by expressing their heartbreaking thought on the news:

@TeamVitality I'm so sorry we couldn't do more for him, I promise as his friends and family we were trying our best to make him stay with us for at least a little longer. It's heartbreaking to know we talked a few moments before this happened. Until we meet again, Kaja🤍

More content creators like @StaticMMIV on Twitter also mentioned positive things about Twisten, which included the exceptional energy that the 19-year-old brought on stage while playing Valorant:

@TeamVitality his energy on stage will never be forgotten

rest in peace :(

Community member and Twitter user @ehokaylilac came to the Team Vitality post, mentioning how heartbreaking it is to lose someone like Twisten. They also remembered him for his exceptional energy and passion for the game:

@TeamVitality absolutely heartbreaking. his energy and passion on stage was an absolute joy o witness

Lastly, more members like @DIV_JNTS on Twitter mentioned that it is never easy to lose a community member, no matter how close you are to them.

@TeamVitality Rest in peace! Losing a member of the community no matter how good I knew him or not, is always something that keeps me thinking for quite a while. I wish all the best to family and friends and everyone who knew him!

Valorant's online space is still in shock, as no one expected this to happen to Twisten. With fans and professionals mourning, it has been a sad day for the esports community in-general.

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