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Valorant mobile leaks (Image via Riot Games)

New Valorant Mobile leaks show cross-progression, token currency, skins, and more

To explore the possibilities of bringing its shooter title to portable devices, Riot Games has initiated a closed beta test for Valorant Mobile exclusively in China. Numerous speculations surround the potential of this character-based shooter to reshape the way gamers engage with the platform. After successfully releasing the mobile version of League of Legends, Wild Rift, Riot Games aims to meet the demands of casual gamers seeking fresh shooter-style experiences. Dedicated fans of the character-based tactical shooter are eager to extend their tactical gameplay from their PCs to the convenience of their handheld devices.

This article delves deep into leaks coming out of the current beta testing phase of the beloved shooter's mobile adaptation, focusing on its progression system and in-game economy.


Will Valorant Mobile have cross-progression and cross-play?

There are growing concerns about Valorant Mobile's presence in the mobile gaming arena. These concerns arise from the unique gameplay elements of the distinguished FPS and the competition it faces from well-established titans like BGMI and COD: Mobile. Riot Games is actively working on strategies to improve the player experience as they venture into the mobile gaming market.


Before delving deeper into the article, let's first grasp the concepts of cross-play and cross-progression. Cross-play in video games enables players to connect and play with various devices or platforms. Cross-progression permits a single player to save their in-game progress and seamlessly continue it, irrespective of the platform they use to access the game.

Games such as Fortnite and COD: Warzone employ a cross-progression system, enabling players to save and transfer their in-game progress and possessions across different platforms of their choice.


With the increasing power of mobile devices, it is anticipated that future mobile games will operate on the same engine as their PC counterparts. This integration promises a unified gaming experience for players across various platforms.

@Diversion on X/Twitter made it clear that the mobile version is set to feature cross-progression. However, there will be no crossplay, meaning players on different platforms won't be able to play together.

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From the leaked closed beta content about Valorant mobile, it appears that the game will implement an XP-based progression system. This system enables players to unlock Agents and their associated Agent Gear by leveling up.


As of now, the beta version includes 30 available levels. However, as indicated in the tweet above, additional levels may be introduced upon the global launch of Valorant Mobile.

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Valorant's new progression system for the PC version introduces Kingdom Credits as a currency. Players can earn Kingdom Credits through in-game activities to unlock a variety of rewards, including agents and accessories. The Accessory Store offers cards, sprays, etc. Additionally, players can use Kingdom Credits to unlock new agents.

According to the leaks, when the cross-progression system is implemented upon the global launch of Valorant Mobile, the current progression system of the PC version may take precedence.

Players might be able to save their progression and transfer it across PC, mobile, or console platforms linked to their Riot Games account. It may also be the case that the XP-based progression system is unique to the Chinese test-copy of Valorant Mobile.

Future availability of Valorant skins across all platforms


A unified progression system across all platforms can indeed impact the in-game economy. During the ongoing beta test phase, there have been leaks regarding a currency called "Test Tokens."

It's important to highlight that during the beta phase, this currency system exclusively provides tokens that are obtained solely through completing objectives and daily rewards. These tokens will likely be substituted with a purchasable currency when the mobile port of the PC version launches globally.

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The introduction of a cross-progression system in Valorant Mobile is expected to allow players to buy skins once and use them seamlessly on any platform, enhancing their gaming experience. Furthermore, the system makes completing Battle Pass challenges and obtaining exclusive cosmetics a breeze, especially through mobile devices.

This strategic move might give Riot Games a distinct advantage in the fiercely competitive mobile gaming market, offering a player-friendly and versatile gaming solution.

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