Crazy Raccoon’s Teppei “ade” Kuno is confident about his team's performance before Champions 2021 (Image by Sportskeeda)

“I’m very confident about this Champions, we are prepared”: Crazy Raccoon’s Ade at Valorant Champions 2021 press conference

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Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin officially kicks off today. After a year of multiple Challengers and Masters, divided into three stages, the Valorant Champions Tour has entered its final stages, where the best of the best teams will face off against each other. The top teams from each circuit region will face off in Berlin, Germany, to determine the Valorant Champions.

Crazy Raccoon, the top seed of the Japanese Circuit Point table, has qualified for Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin. The team previously also qualified for both Masters Rejkavik and Masters Berlin. However, they failed to qualify beyond the group stages in both.


Crazy Raccoon faces off against the Valorant roster of Team Vikings, the top seed at BR Circuit Point. Crazy Raccoon’s Teppei “ade” Kuno is confident in his team’s preparation before the match on Day 1, during the pre-tournament press conference.

Crazy Raccoon’s ade is confident in his team”s preparation prior to Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin

Crazy Raccoon faces off against Team Vikings as the inaugural match of Group C at Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin. During the pre-tournament press conference, Sportskeeda asked him about his confidence regarding Crazy Raccoon’s performance in Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin and his thought about the Japanese Valorant esports teams compared to other regions. Let’s take a look at his response.



ぜひ #CRWIN で応援を📣



4:46 AM · Nov 28, 2021

It should be mentioned that the following answers were paraphrased and translated from Japanese to English.

Q. Compared to the other regions, Japan has a setback in the international LANs. No Japanese teams made it out of the group stage in Masters Berlin. How confident is the team in getting out of the group stage this time in Champions?

Ade - I’m very confident about this Champions game, we are prepared, and I think it matters what we prepared for and what we can show in the game.

Q. Where do you think Japan stands compared to other regions in Valorant esports?


Ade - I can’t say much of it, but we grind more than other teams so we can do more adjustable play.

Crazy Raccoon faces off against Team Vikings on December 1, 2021 (22.30 IST / 18.00 CET / 12.00 EST / 9.00 PST).

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