S8UL and Global Esports announce strategic partnership for Valorant India's ecosystem (Image via S8UL and GE)

S8UL enters Valorant India via a strategic partnership with Global Esports

S8UL is one of the leading Indian esports organization in the industry and it is set to hold hands with Global Esports for a strategic partnership in Valorant India. Readers who indulge in Indian esports daily will know that Global Esports is also one of the partnered teams from the South Asian region.

The partnership will likely reinforce the esports section for Riot Games' popular hero-based shooter in the country as the two strong organizations have some great plans for the future. While S8UL thrives at other competitive titles for mobile, this partnership will mark its entry into PC gaming with Valorant.


Global Esports and S8UL announce partnership for the betterment of Valorant's ecosystem in India

Many readers will quickly recognize Global Esports for its exceptional standing in the international arenas with Valorant and countless other titles for both PC and mobile. With that said, S8UL has also made a name for itself by participating in various mobile esports title in the past.

The latter made its mark in games like Clash of Clans, Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile. With this strategic partnership aimed at improving the esports ecosystem for Riot's shooter, S8UL will mark its entry into Valorant as well.


The main goal of this alliance is to use the strengths of both the organizations in order to provide opportunities for the aspiring players. The Indian community has grown by a large margin in the past few years and many gamers from across the country carry the utmost potential to win it all, even in the big leagues. However, they are deprived of proper opportunities for a number of reasons.

This partnership will likely change that and provide the said players with a proper stage so they can begin their journey to the top. Apart from the esports sector, this alliance will also support the PC gaming and content creation areas.

Valorant has made its mark on the Indian esports community where players from every nook and cranny have been appreciating the title's existence in the bigger circle.


Riot has taken countless initiatives in the past when it comes to helping several communities. This partnership will further reinforce those efforts by exploring not only the said shooter title, but also other avenues in the country.

Global Esports is the only organization in the entire South Asian region that has made its way to the international stage as it prepares to take on teams at VCT LOCK//IN in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The roster was exceptional in most of its earlier matchups. It is yet to be seen how the strategic partnership will work out for the organization along with the entire Indian gaming community.

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