Nodwin Gaming to join hands with Riot to host South Asian Valorant Challengers (Image via Sportskeeda)

South Asia Valorant Challengers to kick-off in March with $140K prize pool

One of the world's leading esports companies, NODWIN Gaming, has announced that it is entering a strategic partnership with Riot Games to exclusively host the Valorant Challengers League in South Asia.

Many readers who regularly indulge in esports will recognize the aforementioned company as being the gaming and esports arm of Nazara Technologies.


The South Asian Challengers featuring Riot's leading FPS title will have a grand prize pool of $140K, roughly a little over ₹1.1 crores. This could be particularly great for the teams, including all the aspiring Indian rosters who will also partake in the event.

NODWIN Gaming to enter a partnership with Riot and host the Valorant Challengers League in South Asia

NODWIN Gaming has expressed that after a long wait, the organization can finally host the Valorant League in the region. The process coming down to the partnership was long and comprehensive.

Riot chose the organization as its 'exclusive' partner to host a six-month-long Challengers event in South Asia after two whole years.


Apart from hosting, Riot Games and NODWIN Gaming will likely work on monetizing the Valorant Challengers League in the region for sponsorship and media-related monetization. This ensures that the league's growth is backed up by proper revenue-based funding.

The organization also confirmed that the league would be conducted yearly and run from January to July; however, in 2023, the event will begin in early March. The South Asian League promises to feature the best Valorant athletes from the region.

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The teams partaking in the tournament will not only take the cash prize, but the winner will also qualify to play at the upcoming Valorant Ascension for APAC. The Ascension league will bring together the winners of Challenger Leagues from the APAC region as they compete for a slot in APAC Pacific League 2024.


This means that the South Asian Challengers are set to provide countless opportunities to the participating rosters.

The event is likely to be a huge stage for all the regional players who aspire to go against the partnered teams on the big stage. It could be the perfect starting point for players from India and other countries in the region.

NODWIN is a conglomerate already known for organizing VCT events like the Conquerors Championship in 2021 and 2022. The kick-off for the South Asian Challengers will likely be a successful venture as the organization is now paired with Riot.

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