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Fifth Sentinel Agent in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant teases fifth Sentinel Agent, new Duelist to follow later in 2023

Valorant recently posted a video on Twitter teasing a brief roadmap about the upcoming aspects of Episode 7. During the conclusion of the short clip, the long-awaited fifth Sentinel of the game is confirmed, along with a few insights on their abilities. A Duelist has also been mentioned, which will arrive during the latter half of 2023.

The video has also detailed a few revamps introduced to the Team Deathmatch and changes to the contract system to unlock agents and access to various skins of the previous Battle Pass.


This article will focus on the Sentinel and Duelist arriving during Episode 7 in Valorant.

Agent number 23 is confirmed to be a Sentinel in Valorant


A meta-changing powerful Sentinel has been confirmed to appear in Valorant. After watching the teaser, it can be confirmed that the agent will be a male capable of stopping the opposition dead in their tracks. He will also be able to pull the opposition toward danger, making him more versatile.


Sentinels are the core of team composition, possessing numerous abilities and equipment to slow the opposition and gain borrowed time for reinforcements. A good communicative team with a knowledgeable Sentinel can become unstoppable during matches.

An official release date and a detailed overview of the Agent are yet to be announced. The Sentinel will most likely arrive during Act 1 of the upcoming Episode.

New Duelist will make their debut sometime in 2023

The latest on Team Deathmatch, updates to the progression system, and a lethal new Sentinel—let’s catch up on what’s next for VALORANT in 2023.

The seventh Duelist of the game and Agent 24 will debut in Valorant in late 2023. Art director Anna Donlan announced the news at the end of the clip, although no further details were shared.


Neon was the last Agent introduced during Episode 4 Act 1. Players had mixed reviews about her because of her overpowered abilities at launch. She was later balanced to fit into the meta.

Team Deathmatch rework

The new gamemode HURM will be releasing with Episode 7. The Gamemode is Team Deathmatch with Abilities. This will also be the first gamemode to feature custom maps. | #VALORANT

The Team Deathmatch mode has been revamped to suit the usual gameplay modes. It will now feature agent abilities to further enhance gameplay and allow players to showcase various tricks. It will be available to play with the release of Episode 7.

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