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  • "We are one of the biggest reasons": TENNN opens up on ZETA DIVISION's role in growth of Esports in Japan at VCT 2023: Pacific League
ZETA TENNN in VCT 2023: Pacific League (Image via Riot Games)

"We are one of the biggest reasons": TENNN opens up on ZETA DIVISION's role in growth of Esports in Japan at VCT 2023: Pacific League

VCT Pacific 2023 has been a roller coaster ride that started on March 25, 2023. It has witnessed the most neck-to-neck battles among the three international leagues of the VCT this season, with multiple teams in close contention for the playoffs seats into the middle of the last week of league play. ZETA DIVISION is one of the Japanese representatives in the VCT Pacific League.

Coming into the tournament, they were one of the more popular squads. With the announcement of this year's only Masters event taking place in Tokyo, Japan, expectations were high from the squad as everyone wanted them to play live in front of a Japanese audience.


ZETA DIVISION's TENNN opens up about Japanese esports scene after VCT Pacific League match against Paper Rex


Abhipsito Das of Sportskeeda Esports spoke to Tenta "TENNN" Asai of ZETA DIVISION. In the interview, TENNN shared his views on how the Japanese esports scene has grown over the years and its impact on the lives of players like himself, besides how the Valorant esports ecosystem is better than that of Overwatch.


Q. Esports is growing in popularity steadily in Japan. What are some factors you think are leading to this? And what are the positive changes you think this will bring about for the industry in the future?

TENNN: Valorant population is quite big in Japan. It is natural for more Japanese pros to be born in Japan presently. Also, I think we [ZETA DIVISION] are one of the biggest reasons behind the growth of esports' popularity in Japan.

As for the second question, when I was a pro in the previous title (Overwatch), it was really hard to make a living being a pro gamer. It was difficult to be a pro as a grown-up. While other people could make their living just doing one thing, it was difficult for gamers. Now things have changed for the better, and I, for example, can make a living only off gaming.


Q. You moved to Valorant from Overwatch. How do you think the esports scene of both games compares?


TENNN: In Overwatch, you can earn a living when you make it to the Overwatch League, but it is difficult to sustain yourself as a tier-2 player, so many players would quit because of that.

However, in Valorant, people can still sustain themselves even if they are not at the game's top tier.

Q. One thing that has been pointed out by casters repeatedly, and I agree with, is that ZETA DIVISION often takes way too much time cooking things up and then doesn’t have enough time to execute. How is it the team hasn’t adjusted to it even this far into the tournament?

TENNN: The coach and the IGL decide what to do, and these things are decided before the games.

Q. What are some ways the team’s playstyle has improved since the beginning of the VCT Pacific League?

TENNN: I think we take the skirmishes and team fights more confidently now than in the earlier stage of the league. And our understanding of the opponents’ movements is much better now.


Both teams stand in the middle of the table with the same record. Who's going to pull away and be the first to secure a ticket to playoffs? 🥶


ZETA DIVISION play their last game in VCT Pacific League against Gen.G on May 15, 2023, determining whether or not they make it to the playoffs and subsequently to the VCT Masters 2023, to be held in Tokyo.

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