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Valorant has quite the collection of sidearms (Image via Riot Games)

Ranking all of Valorant's sidearms

The sidearm a player chooses in Valorant can be the deciding factor in a match.


With pistol rounds at the beginning and middle of each match, sidearm selection can be pivotal. Additionally, a team may be reduced to sidearms when its economy is in a poor state.

The secondary weapons all vary in price, but just because a gun is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. Weapon economy and Agent abilities are essential factors to consider when buying sidearms. From 0 credits to 800, here are the sidearms from worst to best, factoring price-to-performance.

Assessing the sidearms available in Valorant

#5 - Frenzy (400 Credits)

Image via Riot Games

The Frenzy is Valorant’s quickest firing sidearm. In its most effective range, the gun does 78 damage to the head, 26 to the body, and 22 to the leg.


In close proximity, the Frenzy can be lethal, especially in pistol rounds. It’s the only full automatic sidearm in Valorant. However, the gun lacks in range, has low wall penetration, and only holds 13 bullets in a magazine. The cons outweigh the pros greatly with regards to the Frenzy.

Sure, it can shred at close range. However, its disadvantages make it challenging to invest 400 credits. When factoring price-to-performance, the classic is the worst sidearm to buy. It’s difficult to kill multiple opponents in rapid succession with it.

The Frenzy can be viable with particular abilities, but overall, it’s not a great selection.


#4 - Shorty (200 Credits)

Image via Riot Games

When it comes to holding a tight, short corner in Valorant, the Shorty can get the job done. It is essentially a double-barrel Shotgun. If a player is in its most effective range, it can one-shot or two-shot enemies.

The Shorty is useless over far ranges, but some Agents can quickly close the distance between themselves and their enemies. For this reason, this gun can be valuable. Although getting two kills with the firearm is unlikely, a one-for-one trade is very realistic and is great during save rounds.


The Shorty is undoubtedly the most limited weapon in all of Valorant. However, it effectively does its job and costs just 200 credits. In terms of price-to-performance, the Shorty ranks pretty high. Its usefulness in some scenarios, though, is nonexistent.

#3 - Classic (0 Credits)

Image via Riot Games

The Classic pistol is the player’s default weapon. The gun is free, but it features an alternate fire that is certainly worthy of note.

The Classic’s alternate fire, or “right-click,” fires three shots simultaneously. At close range, the right-click is lethal. It has the potential to one-shot opponents or deal lots of damage.

The alternate fire has been nerfed since Valorant’s early stages, but it’s still powerful. In fact, many players think that this feature on a free weapon is ridiculous (it is).


Even without the right-click, the Classic does 78 damage to the head, 26 to the body, and 22 to the body. In good hands, it can get the job done. Also, by using this gun in pistol rounds, players can use all their credits for buying abilities.

If a player is feeling confident, they can even buy a light shield for 400 credits. The Classic is the only weapon that allows so much flexibility in Valorant’s economy. Keeping it means a player can have abilities, a shield, and a lethal alternate fire. For 0 credits, the Classic’s price-to-performance is unmatched.

#2 - Sheriff (800)

Image via Riot Games

The Sheriff is the most potent Valorant sidearm when taking all ranges into account. In its most effective range, the gun is a one-shot headshot to players with a full shield. Of all the sidearms, the Sheriff is the only weapon that can take out a player with more than 105 total HP.

This gun has high wall penetration, unlike most other sidearms. A wall won’t save anyone from it.

Of all the pistols, the Sheriff is definitely the most difficult to use. The low fire-rate gives players a low margin for error. In lower ELO, players will likely have a difficult time using the Sheriff. In higher ELO, though, the weapon in good hands can effectively match a Rifle.


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This gun is used much more in save-rounds than normal pistol rounds in Valorant. Since it costs 800 credits, players can’t buy any abilities if the Sheriff is purchased. However, although pricey, it can be worth it with the right user.

#1 - Ghost (500 Credits)

Image Via Riot Games

The Ghost, for 500 Credits, deals 100 headshot damage at its most effective range.

Since most players don’t purchase a shield in the opening rounds, the Ghost will likely kill with a click to the head. Additionally, it has high wall penetrating rounds and a reasonable fire rate. It’s also the only silenced sidearm in Valorant.


Although the Classic and Sheriff outperform the weapon in many situations, the Ghost is more versatile. The one-shot to the head at mid-ranges makes it a better option than the Classic. On the other hand, the higher fire rate and lower price make this gun a better purchase than the Sheriff in regular pistol rounds.

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At 500 Credits, the Ghost is Valorant’s second-most pricey sidearm. However, there’s still a bit of wiggle room to purchase abilities. This firearm, complemented with abilities, can be the best recipe for success in opening rounds.

The effectiveness of these guns largely depends on two things: the situation and the player’s skill. Each one is effective in specific scenarios, while some firearms are useless at times. When considering abilities, the weaker guns like the Frenzy and Shorty can be just as powerful as the Sheriff.

With the more powerful weapons, players bear the risk of breaking the bank. They must remember that more expensive doesn’t always correlate to more success. It may take some experimentation to decide what sidearm is the best for different players.

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All stats have been taken from zilliongamer.com

Note: This article reflects the author’s opinion, and what may seem the best to one may not be so to someone else.


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