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A new currency to be added to Valorant? (Image via Riot)

Valorant to introduce a new currency to unlock previous Battlepass items

Riot Games’ premier first-person shooter (FPS) title, Valorant, has taken the gaming world by storm. According to the latest leak from a community insider, newer updates will bring forth a fresh progression model, which will also introduce a new currency that will be usable in a variety of ways. The game, which comes free-to-play on installation, has naturally utilized microtransactions.

Valorant currently offers two types of in-game currencies - Valorant Points (VP) and Radianite Points (RP) - both of which can be obtained by purchasing using real-life money. The new currency may be added alongside these existing ones.


A new Valorant currency: Usage and characteristics

Progression is being redone as previously mentioned. The new currency will be used in multitudes of ways, including progressing through contracts, unlocking accessories from previous battle passes that you might have not gotten, and more. | #VALORANT

According to information from Twitter user @ValorLeaks, progression is currently undergoing a revamp, and with that, a new currency is expected to drop.

This currency can supposedly be used in an assortment of ways. This includes Agent contract progression and a feature that has players most excited - the ability to purchase accessories from previous Battlepass levels, which they might not have had a chance to acquire before.

The currency will also allow you to purchase exclusive skins that are only earnable with the currency, but this might not be available at launch or launched at all. Time will tell.

It is also believed that the new currency will allow users to buy exclusive skins that can only be earned using this payment. They will thus possess their own rarity, with an emphasis on their exclusivity to the currency. However, ValorLeaks also noted that these skinlines may not be available at launch or Riot may scrap this idea altogether.

Valorant currencies and progression


Currently, the two available currencies are obtainable through a multitude of ways, with the easiest being able to purchase either by spending real money. Players can also use them in a variety of ways, unlocking different aesthetics and easing quality of life (QoL) in-game.


This makes purchases a lucrative deal, as most cosmetic upgrades and other components are locked behind a paywall or can only be obtained by grinding through the Battlepass and Agent Contract tiers. Players who do not wish to go through this long journey can bypass it by making a simple purchase.

Gamers can use VP to unlock the premium Battlepass or individual tiers. The currency also unlocks available skin bundles, whose prices may vary according to rarity. It can also be used to buy skins in rotation, also present below the featured Bundle in the store. While not widely used, VP can be used to unlock tiers on Agent Contracts as well. This is essentially helpful for people who wish to experience a new character without having to reach Level 5 on their tier progression.

Radianite Points are currently used to upgrade levels of cosmetic items - mainly gun skins. Many firearms in the featured bundles come with their own tiers, with each providing a different aesthetic upgrade. This includes new visual effects, sound effects, and finishers. The skins may also feature different colorways, which can also be bought and unlocked by RP.

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