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The best Controller players to watch at VCT Masters Tokyo (Image via Sportskeeda)

Top 5 Controller players to look out for at VCT Masters Tokyo

VCT Masters Tokyo is about to begin finally. A total of 12 teams are competing against each other for the first Masters title in 2023. Four are from EMEA, and three are from the Americas and the Pacific each. The remaining two are from China. VCT LOCK//IN and the franchised Leagues were a great showcase of the already established players as well as a few newcomers. Masters Tokyo will be an excellent opportunity for some of these to aim for the first big Trophy of 2023.


Controllers are an essential component of every team. They're responsible for blocking the enemy's vision to allow a safer passage for their teammates.

Controllers have the ability to be both passive and aggressive, making them an X-factor in every team. Many pro players are renowned for their skills in this role. Below is a list of five such Controllers who viewers need to keep an eye on for Masters Tokyo.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.


s0m, MaKo, and three more Controller players to look out for in VCT Masters Tokyo


1) s0m

Sam "s0m" Oh is an esports player from the United States who plays for NRG Esports. He has mainly fulfilled the Controller role for his team but also performed as a Duelist in the past.

s0m has been in NRG since the very beginning. However, his team at the time could not find a lot of success in their region. This would continue for a few years until NRG became a franchised team.


For 2023, NRG brought in the OpTic Gaming core and the EMEA star ardiis, which made s0m the only player from the original NRG. He shocked everyone with his international debut at VCT LOCK//IN. His ace from the first match against KOI changed the fate of NRG in their first match.

s0m has a crisp aim and was able to keep up with the best from other countries. He also had an amazing performance in the Americas League. He had a total ACS (Average Combat Score) of 204.7, making him one of the best Controller players in the region.

2) MaKo


Myeongkwan "MaKo" Kim is a South Korean esports player who plays for DRX. MaKo has mainly filled the role of a Controller for his team.

MaKo has been a part of DRX since their Vision Strikers days. The team was able to prove itself in their own region several times. Yet, it took them a while to bring that same level of performance to the international stage. Ever since their incredible run in 2022, DRX has been considered among the top teams in the world.

MaKo is an essential part of DRX. He is easily the best Controller player in the Pacific region and among the top five in the world. His aim and utility usage are always on point.

He has managed to bring his team out of several tricky situations, turning the course of entire matches around. MaKo had a total ACS of 212.2 in the VCT Pacific League.

3) Redgar


Igor "Redgar" Vlasov is a Russian esports player who currently plays for Team Liquid. While he mainly takes up the Controller role for his team, he has also played as the Initiators, Sova and Breach, in the past.

Redgar's Valorant journey began when he joined Gambit Esports. The team quickly became a powerhouse in the EMEA region and was able to keep that momentum in international events.

They were able to win VCT Stage 3: Masters Berlin in 2021. However, the year after that wasn't the same. Redgar and his team failed to make it to any international events.

For 2023, Redgar decided to join Team Liquid with his fellow teammate, nAts. He also took on the role of an IGL (In-game Leader) in the team. After a slow start at LOCK//IN, the team was able to find their footing in the VCT EMEA League and ultimately won it.

Redgar is a crucial piece in this team. His aim and utility are always on point, with his international experience bringing a lot to the table. Redgar had a total ACS of 173.9 and played five different Agents for his team in the VCT EMEA League.


4) tuyz

Arthur "tuyz" Andrade is a Brazilian esports player who currently plays for LOUD. He primarily plays Controller for his team while having performed the role of a primary Duelist and Sentinel in the past.


tuyz joined LOUD in November 2022 as the outfit saw the departure of pANcada and Sacy from their roster. Many people were doubtful if tuyz would be able to fill pANcada's shoes which he was able to do.

tuyz had one of the best debuts at VCT LOCK//IN. His sharp aim and presence of mind made him one of the best Controller players in the world. His 3k clutch in Overtime against NRG still remains one of the best moments from VCT LOCK//IN.

tuyz was able to continue that level of performance going into the Americas League. He had a total ACS of 167.1 after playing four different Agents. He was an important reason for them winning the Americas League.

5) mindfreak


Aaron "mindfreak" Leonhart is an Indonesian esports player who plays for the team Paper Rex, mainly as a Controller.

minfreak joined Paper Rex in February 2021. The outfit is known for its W gaming and chaotic style of gameplay. This has led to them becoming one of the most unpredictable and fearsome teams in the world. With insane aimers like jinggg, fOrsakeN, and now something, mindfreak has also made his mark in Paper Rex's Valorant journey.

mindfreak is a smart Controller player and knows how to take advantage of his smokes to clutch out rounds for his team. His 3k clutch against DRX in the VCT Pacific League Grand Finals was an incredible example of the same.

VCT Masters Tokyo will first begin with the Group Stage. The opening match will be between EMEA's FUT Esports and NA's Evil Geniuses.

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