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Best skins for Raze (Image via Sportskeeda)

Top 5 Valorant skins every Raze player must try

In Valorant, Raze made a powerful impression that is indicative of both her Brazilian background and her character as a daring duelist. She is a strong agent who brings a unique blend of personality and artillery to the fight. Bearing an affinity for vibrant chaos and creating art through destruction, she uses her skills to eliminate foes while bringing joy, encouragement, and, at times, humor to the occasion.

Raze's colorful personality is more than simply a characteristic, as it's a tool she uses in conjunction with her homemade explosives arsenal.


Choosing her perfect look in Valorant goes beyond aesthetics, as it enhances your gameplay and reflects your dedication to this explosive expert. Here are the top five skins that perfectly complement Raze's vibrant personality.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer


Ranking the best Valorant skins for Raze mains

Raze-themed Valorant inventory (Image via Valorant)

The subsequent characteristics were used to select these Valorabt skins for Raze:

  • Availability: Featuring in the list are skins obtainable via the in-game store that weren't previously available in Battle Passes or exclusive releases.
  • Color harmony: In keeping with Raze's motif and in light of the article's emphasis on character aesthetics, these skins have designs with yellow/red/orange/brown effects.

5) Gaia's Vengeance collection - Red variant


Valorant introduced the stunning Gaia's Vengeance collection on March 1, 2022, which showcased an array of tree-like and organic skins. The axe could be acquired separately for 3,550VP, while individual skins for included weapons like the Vandal, Guardian, Ghost, and Marshal were priced at 1,775VP each.

What makes the Gaia's Vengeance collection particularly interesting for Raze enthusiasts is its distinct and intricate design. The skins feature what appear to be branches artfully interweaving with the weapons, creating smooth and flowing patterns that exude an organic essence. The red variation stands out among the additions, resonating perfectly with Raze's fiery red outfit.

4) RGX 11z Pro collection - Yellow variant


Raze's explosive and vibrant playstyle perfectly aligns with the RGX 11z Pro skins in Valorant. These skins, released in two bundles in 2021 and 2022, offer a range of weapon choices with unique color variations. Each gun skin can be bought individually at a price of 2,175VP, while the featured melees are worth 4350VP.

Yellow, Raze's signature color, embodies her lively presence on the battlefield, symbolizing her enthusiasm for emanating joy while dismantling the enemy.

Featuring exposed metal and glass components, the RGX skinline adds a futuristic touch to Raze's penchant for explosion. The LEDs on these skins, capable of switching between four different colors, reflect the character's ability to envelop the battlefield in charm and chaos.

3) Ion 2.0 collection - Yellow variant


The Ion 2.0 collection, released on October 18, 2022, for 7,100 VP, emerges as a sleek and futuristic addition. This bundle encompasses a variety of weapons, including the Karambit melee weapon, Vandal, Ares, Spectre, and Frenzy skins. Each selection boasts clean lines and curved edges, creating a modern and stylish silhouette.

What sets the Ion 2.0 collection apart from its predecessor is the introduction of customizable variants. The standout choice for Raze enthusiasts is the color yellow, which is synonymous with her joyful presence on the battlefield. With this collection, players can adorn their weapons with her signature hue.

2) Neo Frontier collection - Copper variant


Raze players can find a fitting connection with the Neo Frontier collection by Valorant, which debuted on June 27, 2023. Priced at 8,700 VP for the full bundle, this collection offers skins for various weapons, including the Phantom, a melee weapon, Sheriff, Odin, and Marshal. When purchased separately, each skin can be acquired for 2,175 VP, with the melee weapon priced at 4,350 VP.

What makes the Neo Frontier collection truly unique is its artful blending of nostalgia derived from classic spaghetti westerns and the captivating charm of futuristic space western themes. The copper variation with translucent panels that reveal the inner workings of the weapon resonates with Raze's scrappy yet bleeding-edge bronze outlook.

1) Radiant Entertainment System collection - K.nock O.ut!! variant

In Episode 6 Act 3, Valorant introduced the Radiant Entertainment System skins bundle, priced at 11,900 VP. This selection includes weapons like the Phantom, Operator, Bulldog, Ghost, and the standout Power Fist. Raze enthusiasts can dive into the chaos with individual gun skins priced at 2975 VP each, while the distinctive Power Fist melee comes at 5950 VP.

The fiery K.nock O.ut variant perfectly complements Raze's fiery and chaotic charm, adding a distinct touch to her explosive adventures. Riot Games designed the Radiant Entertainment System skin series with a delightful nostalgic nod to 90s video games, a theme that dovetails with Raze's vibrant and animated personality.

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