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yay joins the BLEED Esports roster ahead of the VCT Pacific 2024 stages (Image via BLEED Esports)

Valorant pro yay joins BLEED Esports ahead of VCT Pacific 2024

Popular Valorant professional Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker has joined BLEED Esports ahead of the VCT Pacific 2024 league. Initially competing for OpTic Gaming prior to the franchised league system, he has since been a part of different teams but hasn't been in action for the past year. Having joined a new roster, it's only natural that he'll be making a comeback to the center stage.

Ever since the franchise league system was introduced in Valorant, a lot of professional players like yay have missed numerous matches for a plethora of reasons. Fans have reacted positively to this signing and are excited to see him perform at the VCT Pacific 2024.


BLEED Esports announces yay as latest member ahead of VCT Pacific 2024

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BLEED Esports announced yay's arrival on X with a fantastic video featuring various members of the current roster.

The team delivered a strong run during the VCT 2023 Ascension tournament and clinched the trophy to secure a spot for themselves in the VCT Pacific 2024 stages. Based on their performance over the next year, BLEED Esports could also be seen in the Valorant Champions 2024.


As for yay, his skills are absolutely lethal in-game, with many addressing him as El Diablo. With this signing, he became the third North American Valorant professional to participate in the Asia Pacific region.

Between his stint with OpTic and BLEED, yay also represented Cloud9 and Disguised Esports. Neither of these teams had a good run in the previous season. Cloud9 and yay eventually parted ways following a dismal run in LOCK//IN. While many believed he was dropped from the roster due to role-related issues, rumors suggest his departure was due to financial issues within the team.

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The Valorant star left no stone unturned to keep his signing with the Singaporean organization a secret. From scrimming under a different name to not talking during ranked matches in the off-season, yay kept everything under wraps.

The VCT Pacific 2024 splits are scheduled to begin between January and February. However, Riot Games has yet to announce a date for the tournaments. Aside from witnessing yay's return to the big stages, it will be interesting to see him perform in new surroundings.

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