This shouldn't have happened at the Royal Rumble.

10 bad booking decisions in the Royal Rumble 2018

  • The WWE Royal Rumble was great, but these 10 decisions could have been thought out better.
Abhishek Kundu

WWE produced its first pay-per-view of 2018 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia - The Royal Rumble.


We witnessed the first ever women's Royal Rumble match and two Japanese superstars booking their ticket to Wrestlemania; however, roses come with both fragrance and thorn. Here are some booking decisions the fans might have disliked.

#10 No cruiserweights

Did you miss them?

In the WWE universe, cruiserweight, Raw and Smackdown rosters live in parallel galaxies; Survivor Series and Royal Rumble are the only two times in a year when they clash with each other. However, this year we didn't see the cruiserweights.

It would have been a great opportunity for the fans to see the underutilized performance of these talented wrestlers. While we did see NXT stars making an impact in the ring, the same could not be said for the high-flying cruiserweights. They could have pulled miraculous attempts to save themselves from getting eliminated. There could have been a 'passing of the torch' moment for any one of the cruiserweights and Kofi Kingston.

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Published 01 Feb 2018, 16:14 IST