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John Cena's transformation

10 biggest appearance changes of WWE Superstars this decade

In less than a month, we'll be bidding goodbye to the 2010s. Pro Wrestling underwent a long string of changes over the course of the past ten years, and so did several wrestlers. One of the most crucial aspects of a wrestler is their look.


The right look can immediately click with the WWE Universe and make sure that the Superstar will go on to have a long and fulfilling career. On the other hand, a look that doesn't sit well with the crowd can make things a bit hard for them.


With appearance being a significant part of a wrestler's appeal, it's no wonder many WWE Superstars tweak their looks at some point in their careers. In some cases, these Superstars change their looks AFTER bidding farewell to the squared circle, in order to start afresh. Let's check out 10 memorable appearance changes of WWE Superstars from the past 10 years.


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#10 Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin

Last year, when Baron Corbin changed his gimmick from The Lone Wolf to Monday Night RAW's Constable, it came with a drastic appearance change. Corbin was appointed by Stephanie McMahon to help oversee the red brand, and came out wearing a suit, plus sporting a bald head. In the video below, you can check out footage of Corbin shedding his hair before the new look made it to TV.


#9 Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks

On the post-SummerSlam 2019 edition of RAW, Sasha Banks made her long-awaited return to WWE and embraced her friend Natalya in the ring. Before then, Banks had been absent from WWE TV since WrestleMania 35 in April. To everyone's shock, Banks proceeded to attack Natalya and revealed a new look. The Boss now had a set of blue hair on her head, as she ditched the purple wig.

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#8 Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler

On the April 18, 2011 episode of Monday Night RAW, Vickie Guerrero introduced a "new and improved" Dolph Ziggler to the WWE Universe. Ziggler, who had rocked long-blonde hair up to that point, now came out with a set of short, brown hair. Ziggler proceeded to defeat Evan Bourne in a singles match. On the May 23 episode of RAW, Ziggler re-bleached his hair. Check out Ziggler's short-lived look in the video below:

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#7 Edge


Speaking of dramatic haircuts...

Prior to his induction in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012, Edge cut his signature long hair. Edge later explained that he simply wanted to come on the stage with a new look, and decided to cut his hair short. He later grew his hair back, and was recently seen sporting long hair at SummerSlam 2019, where he attacked WWE Superstar Elias.

#6 Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan

Bryan had a clean-shaven look back when he was featured in the first season of NXT. Over the course of the next three years or so, he grew his beard and hair. On the road to SummerSlam 2013, Vince McMahon tried to coerce Bryan into shaving his beard, but the latter refused to do so and vowed to defeat John Cena for the WWE title. The refusal to conform to Vince's standards was a major reason why fans got behind Bryan like never before, with the angle culminating at WrestleMania 30 with Bryan's emotional WWE World title win.

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#5 The Undertaker

The Undertaker

Let's be honest - if anybody knows a thing or two about changing their appearance, it's The Undertaker.

When The Phenom returned for a program with Triple H on the road to WrestleMania 28 in 2012, he still had his signature long hair. On an episode of Monday Night RAW in February, a promo package aired on the titantron while Triple H watched from the ring.

The promo showed The Undertaker reflecting on his match against Triple H at WrestleMania 27, and ended with The Deadman cutting off his hair. At WrestleMania 28, The Undertaker came out sporting a bald head, and went on to defeat The Game again, this time inside Hell in a Cell.

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#4 Bayley


The Hugger was once one of the biggest babyfaces in WWE, but it was evident that the fans were getting tired of her bubbly and cheerful persona. Soon after Sasha Banks returned, Bayley aligned back with her and laid a beatdown on WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch. On the October 11, 2019 episode of SmackDown Live, Bayley came out sporting a dark look, and destroyed the signature Bayley Buddies during her entrance.

She defeated Charlotte Flair to win back the SmackDown Live Women's title, and completed her heel turn by berating the fans in attendance.

#3 Sheamus


In late 2014, Sheamus took some time off for surgery, and came back on the March 30 episode of Monday Night RAW. The Celtic Warrior viciously assaulted Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler upon his return, thus turning heel for the first time since 2011. He now sported a mohawk and a braided beard, which got him chants of "You look stupid" from the live audience. Sheamus recently made his return to WWE and has brought back his old hairstyle.

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#2 John Cena

John Cena

The 16-time World Champion kept short hair for the majority of his babyface run in WWE, but all of that changed in 2018, when Cena revealed a new, unusual look. Many weren't happy to see this transformation, and some fans even compared him to former WWE Champion JBL! Cena soon explained the reason behind the new look.

I'm growing out my hair for a film that I'm doing in China. I've still got two months of filming but I'm going to keep it just because I like embracing the uncomfortable - and it's certainly a great way to handle negativity.

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#1 Triple H

Triple H

The Game's signature long hair had been a mainstay for almost the entirety of his WWE career. At SummerSlam 2012, Brock Lesnar defeated Triple H with a Kimura Lock and a potential retirement announcement tease was made later. The 2012 Slammy Awards saw Triple H coming out with a new look. The Game had cut off his long hair and now sported short hair, plus a beard.

Triple H sports the look to this day, and it goes incredibly well with his backstage authoritative position.

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