10 superstars who will be World Champion in WWE by 2020

WWE is full of world class Superstars, and quite a few of them are close to reaching their potential.

Harry Kettle
Who will hold one of the two World Title belts on Raw and SmackDown?

WWE is full of talented men and women that are forever striving to get to the top of their profession. It's an understandable desire, given the money and joy that comes with that honour, but above all else, it's about the moment.

Whilst we can't exactly speak from experience, many Superstars have stated that lifting the World Championship up high was the pinnacle of their career.

So in a way, we're in a relatively privileged position as wrestling fans. With so much quality on both Raw and SmackDown, we're almost always guaranteed some fascinating bouts for the world titles, in addition to plenty of dramatic moments. However, as we all know, not all of our favourites are going to reach the mountain top.

Which begs the question - who will do it? Who will take that next step into the upper echelons of wrestling history by capturing either the WWE, Universal or Women's Championship? For a question as stacked as that, we need a lot of potential answers. So without further ado, here are ten Superstars that we think will be World Champion in WWE by 2020.

#10 Kenny Omega

Omega is on a path that will lead him straight to the top

We'll start off as we mean to go on - controversially. Now everyone obviously knows that the rumours have been spreading like wildfire regarding the future of Kenny Omega. Following his rather delightful main event match at Wrestle Kingdom 11, Omega stated that he'd be stepping away from New Japan in order to re-evaluate his future.

In the minds of the WWE Universe, of course, that meant that we'll be seeing him in the Royal Rumble at the Alamodome. Now whilst it seems unlikely the company would be able to pull that off in such a short space of time, it does raise some interesting points. Just how good could The Cleaner be on the main roster?


Either way, it seems that all signs are pointing towards Omega coming over in the near future and when he does, you can bet he'll be a future World Champion. Three years may not be considered enough time by some, but when you look at the rise of AJ Styles it becomes increasingly obvious that anything is possible.

Onto a former TNA star, that's done well to make his mark so far.

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Published 16 Jan 2017, 17:15 IST