Former WWE Champions were arrested

10 WWE Superstars who were arrested for DUI

  • A few WWE Superstars have had their fair share of run-ins with the cops.
  • WWE went ahead with a DUI angle on SmackDown this week.
Kishan Prasad

This week on WWE's weekly episode of SmackDown, the company blurred the lines between reality and fiction when it booked Jeff Hardy in a DUI spot. SmackDown kicked off with Elias lying on the road with paramedics surrounding him. It looked like he was in a horrific accident.


The busted car found nearby was revealed to be rented in the name of Jeff Hardy. Hardy was found a few meters away unconscious and in rough shape. He was smelling of alcohol and was immediately handcuffed and arrested.

This was a fresh angle tried by WWE to deepen the feud between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy. Hardy returned later in the night to distract Sheamus, giving Daniel Bryan the win in the Intercontinental Championship tournament.

This move has gathered some flak from WWE fans. This was something none of us saw coming, especially given Hardy's history with DUI arrests. There are other Superstars as well who've found themselves in a similar spot in their real lives and on that note, here are 10 WWE Superstars who were arrested for DUI in real life.

#10 Jeff Hardy arrested for DUI

Jeff Hardy has been arrested on multiple occasions

Jeff Hardy, who was arrested for hitting Elias with his car this week, has had some serious problems with substance abuse. He has also served his time in jail for 10 days for trafficking of controlled prescription drugs.


He has been arrested not once but twice for DUI. His first arrest came in 2018 in North Carolina. The cops said that he was driving three times the speed limit at that time. His second arrest for DUI came in 2019, again in North Carolina, this time for driving while impaired as well as on a revoked license.

#9 Marty Jannetty arrested for DUI

The former Rocker was arrested for DUI

Marty Jannetty, who had an incredible run with Shawn Michaels as the Rockers, is still remembered for the Barber Shop segment. In that segment, he was Superkicked by the Heart Break Kid through the glass window.

In 2004, Jannetty was arrested for DUI. Jannetty has been a very controversial wrestler ever since. He was scheduled to make his return to WWE for a Rockers reunion but failed to make the dates. He also failed a drug test, after which Vince McMahon decided to break all ties with him.

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Published 30 May 2020, 17:00 IST