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Several WWE Superstars took their relationships to the next level in 2021

10 current and former WWE Superstars who got engaged in 2021

WWE has gone through a lot of restructuring since the beginning of the pandemic. The company has undergone several budget cut measures resulting in many superstars being released.


However, the superstars have tried to remain positive and go through with their plans during the year. 2021 has seen several wrestlers get together and propose to their soulmates.


Fans have been treated to some good news as superstars made their relationships public. Several of the company's top names announced their engagement in 2021 to much delight of fans.


In this article, take a look at the ten current and former WWE Superstars who got engaged in 2021.



#10. WWE Superstar Dana Brooke got engaged to MMA fighter and boxer Ulysses Diaz


Dana Brooke has been signed to WWE since 2013. Even though she hasn’t had much success in the ring, Brooke has helped create many major storylines in the company.


Brooke was rumored to have been involved with Batista not too long ago. However, it was revealed that the two were just fooling around and were not in a relationship.

In July 2021, Brooke took to Instagram to announce her engagement to boxer Ulysses Diaz. It came as a surprise to many fans as Brooke had been attached to several former and current WWE Superstars in the past.

In an interview, Brooke revealed that it was former UFC middleweight and current Bellator star Yoel Romero who played the role of the matchmaker. She spoke about how she had butterflies in her stomach when she met him for the first time:

“We go to the restaurant…I'm waiting…I call Yoel…This is the first time in years, like, I had little butterfies because he put Uly on the phone. I see Uly on FaceTime and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, he’s scary looking, like who’s this guy?’ But, at the same time I was, like, ‘Oh, he’s sexy and has this, like, something special.’ I felt it immediately.”

The WWE Superstar felt a connection right away as the two started dating. One thing led to another, and the two got engaged earlier this year. It’s not yet clear when they plan to get married. Her relationship could even end up pulling Diaz to WWE someday.


#8-9. Former WWE couple Keith Lee and Mia Yim


Many fans believe WWE underutilized Keith Lee and Mia Yim while the two were working for the company. Keith Lee had a good run in NXT, where he started slow but ended up becoming a double champion.

Meanwhile, Mia Yim’s NXT run was also good, but she never won a title on the brand. She failed to get enough chances on the main roster following her call-up. The couple was released by WWE earlier this year.

Before their release, in February 2021, Lee and Yim announced their engagement on Twitter. Yim posted the following short message with a photo on the social media platform:

“I said yes. Mr. & Mrs. Lee” Mia Yim Tweeted

Lee and Yim have been together for a long time. The two former WWE Superstars competed on the independent circuit where they first met. They’d been good friends since then and looked out for each other.

The two talented wrestlers will surely get bagged up by another promotion sooner rather than later. It’ll be interesting to see the couple work for WWE’s rival promotion AEW.

#7. Former WWE Champion Sheamus got engaged in 2021


Sheamus has remained one of WWE’s longest-tenured employees. He has won several major championships and is one of the hardest-hitting men in WWE.

In July 2021, it was announced that Sheamus was engaged to a woman named Isabella Revilla. The couple took a trip to Sheamus’ home country of Ireland, where The Celtic Warrior proposed to Revilla.

Revilla made their engagement public on Instagram and gave a shoutout to Sheamus’ choice of footwear:

“When I was pining to go to Ireland as a young girl, I would tell people it was because “If magic exists, it has to be in Ireland.” Well, it does exist. Couldn’t imagine a more magical place to say YES 🍀 Couldn’t imagine a better person to spend my life with.”

Not much is known about Revilla except for the fact that she lives in New York City, is in her 20s, and has a twin sister, according to her Instagram feed. It also looks like she’s a dog rescuer, and The Celtic Warrior is close to her pet dogs.

Revilla has continued to share several photos of herself with Sheamus since the announcement. It’s not yet known when the couple will be tying the knot.

#5-6. Former WWE Superstars Karrion Kross and Scarlett


Karrion Kross and Scarlett were expected to become the next big superstars in WWE. The power couple took NXT by storm, and Kross ran through all the big names to become the champion.

However, Scarlett disappeared from television right after Kross was fast-tracked to the main roster. His gimmick was altered, and things did not look too good for The Herald of Doomsday. Soon after, the couple was released by WWE.

In September 2021, weeks before their release, the couple got engaged. Scarlett took to Instagram to share the news with her followers, along with a picture of her fiancee and new shiny ring.

The former NXT Champion spoke about their relationship in an interview with Sports Illustrated. He revealed that Scarlett has been with him throughout his career and was by his side helping him recover after he was injured in NXT:

“She helped me with everything. People love to be invincible on television, but no one really is. I was periodically concerned I wouldn’t come back in the same shape or how my body would respond to hitting the canvas. She was there for me every step of the way, telling me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear.”

Kross and Scarlett would be a dream couple for any promotion in the industry. They will likely get bagged soon and return to dominate the industry.


#3-4. WWE Superstar Toni Storm and former superstar Juice Robinson


Toni Storm is one of SmackDown’s newest superstars. She’s already making waves on the brand and is looking to go for the top title.

Last year, Storm confirmed that she’s been dating New Japan Pro Wrestling star, Juice Robinson. The former NXT UK Women’s Champion came out as bisexual earlier this year.

In September 2021, the WWE Superstar took to Instagram to announce that she’d gotten engaged to Robinson:

"Pop the champagne I’m changing my last name 💍😘," wrote Toni Storm on Instagram.

Robinson was formerly known to WWE fans as CJ Parker. He worked with the company for four years between 2011 and 2015 and was part of NXT for some time. He teamed up with Jason Jordan to win the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship during his time in the company.

He's currently competing for NJPW and has also made appearances for IMPACT Wrestling, where he won the tag team championship with David Finlay.

Meanwhile, Storm is looking to make her way to the top of the women’s division in WWE. She has the in-ring talent and charisma to make it big in the company.

#1-2. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Carmella former superstar Corey Graves


WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Carmella has remained at the top of the women’s division for some time now. She moved to RAW following the WWE Draft to continue working alongside her partner Corey Graves.

Graves, who now works as a color commentator in WWE, has been in a relationship with Carmella since 2019. The two came under criticism for their relationship, especially because Graves separated from his wife when he got together with Carmella.

The Most Beautiful Woman in all of WWE opened up about the hate she received online for getting together with Graves:

“Honestly, it was super difficult. I’ve been in the public eye, but I’ve never been to a point where, you know, stories or allegations were coming out.”
“I was getting death threats, I was just getting all these awful things said about me...My grandmother’s calling me, ‘What is this? You’re on the New York Post about wrecking a home!’ And I’m, like, ‘No!'”

The two braved the storm, and Graves proposed to Carmella on her birthday this year. They seem to be doing very well together, and their relationship has gotten the spotlight on Total Divas.

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