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Trish Stratus is still gorgeous

11 Current and Former WWE Superstars who've not aged terribly

Whether one admits it or not, there’s much more to WWE and pro wrestling in general than just in-ring and promo skills. The aesthetic aspect, i.e., looking at the part is just as important as putting on a great match or cutting a promo that lasts the test of time.


While some WWE Superstars show the scars and ravages of time on their being (read: Scott Hall), there are others who are still in amazing shape, long after their prime. Let’s look at some current and former WWE Superstars who’ve aged like fine wine.

#11 Rey Mysterio

Happy birthday to one of the greatest, @reymysterio

He’s only getting better with age 🤯

Rey Mysterio is one of the greatest to ever step foot in the ring. The Mexican Superstar is in much better shape than he was during his first run with the promotion. It has also enabled him to work matches alongside his son Dominik.

#10 DDP

Today I am 64 years young and got 11 and a half 10 second push ups in tonight! You always have to challenge yourself! Age is just a number. Be Positively Unstoppable! DDP #DDPYWorks

You can't think of this man, and not think of the many men he's helped with his yoga course and regime. Little wonder then that even at the age of 66, DDP looks absolutely great and is helping WWE Superstars, past and present, stay in shape.

In many ways, Page saved the lives of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Scott Hall. Page was even a part of a six-man tag team match at AEW's Bash at the Beach pay-per-view in 2020, a testament to how durable he is.


#9 WWE Legend Lita

Bringing a whole new spark in women's wrestling, 'The Queen of Extreme' celebrates her birthday today!
Sportskeeda wishes the #WWE Hall of Famer Lita a very happy birthday!
#Lita @AmyDumas

We see a lot of Lita even after her retirement, especially on the pre-shows. She looks just as good as she did back when she was an active WWE Superstar. It’s a wonder that her co-host Jerry Lawler did not begin lusting after her, like he did in the days of the past, on the pre-show! Maybe he’s changed his ways. But yes, Lita sure does look amazing.


#8 Kane


If you consider the fact that Kane is 55 years of age, you’ll realize what a valuable asset he’s been to the company and the industry. Despite being a part of WWE for over 25 years, he can still give the younger lot a run for their money. The Mayor of Knox County holds up better than most of the roster and is in fine shape even now.

#7 Chris Jericho

Happy Birthday @IAmJericho 🥳

The First world champion and one of the corner stones of @AEW!!

51 years young and still putting on bangers in the ring!

I cannot wait to see you in the ring again at #AEWFullGear and to beat Up everyone on American Top Team!

Speaking of members on the current roster who can go their age, Chris Jericho is certainly one of them. A big advocate of DDP yoga, Jericho is doing some of the best work of his life, at the age of 51. The fact that the former WWE Champion can put on quality matches with the newer, fitter lot itself is a testimony to the fact that he’s a legend like no other in history. We will certainly drink it in man!

#6 R-Truth

Cena's age: 45
R truth's age:50
R-Truth paying tribute to his childhood hero John Cena.

It’s very easy to overlook R-Truth because while he’s been an important part of not just WWE, but the wrestling business, he won’t go down in history as one of the legends. But this rapping, athletic talent has been a part of the roster since 2000, and in fact, is still just as athletic at the age of 50. Even though he has been mainly a comic act for the last year, he can still go at full steam, despite his age.

#5 Stephanie McMahon

Happy 45th Birthday to Stephanie McMahon! #wwe

Remember when she was a sweet, innocent girl and had just made her WWE television debut? Two decades later, she's the interim Chairwoman and CEO of WWE, but is still quite stunning. Stephanie McMahon is an exercise machine that works out like nobody else in the business.

Considering she's also a mother, she's really held up through time. While we the WWE Universe were sick of seeing her on TV, we certainly cannot complain about how she looks for her age.

#4 Triple H

When Triple H’s body broke down in 2004 after tearing his bicep

HHH changed his workout from focusing on slow tempo & reps to more athletic workout

This would reduce his joints being injured a lot & also made look like a fucking stud at the age of 52

From the wife, we move to the husband! Even at 52 years of age, Triple H looks better than the superstars half his age. The Cerebral Assassin does not wrestle full-time anymore but is still a constant fixture on NXT and WWE television as an authority figure.

Even though a heart condition forced him to retire, the Hall of Famer is certainly fitter than many other celebrities. While we certainly hope he does not win any more world titles, we commend Triple H's perseverance in looking the part, for years!

#3 Sting

Expectations were high yet this was a masterstroke. Bossy face paints. Punk/MJF not once touching each other. Sting going nearly 30 mins at nearly 63 years of age.

One of the most joy inducing AEW matches ever and another strong case to debut trios title in the company ASAP.

Before the match at the Night of Champions in 2015 ended tragically with a Buckle Bomb, Sting was going hold for hold with one of the best talents on the roster – Seth Rollins. Sting had been wrestling for over 30 years before he announced his retirement at the 2016 Hall of Fame event. The Icon debuted for AEW in 2020, making his in-ring return on AEW's 2021 Revolution pay-per-view. The WWE Hall of Famer put on a classic, proving he could still go the distance.

#2 Trish Stratus

Happy Birthday to WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus who turns 46 today!

From the Attitude Era until now, Trish Stratus will live in our hearts as a drop-dead gorgeous diva. A yoga instructor and businesswoman as of today, in addition to being happily settled in her married life, Trish is living proof that the finest things in life age well. In fact, we think that she can even go in the ring one more time if the need arose. At 46, Stratus is simply magic.

#1 Goldberg

Goldberg doing this at age 54 is impressive #WWECrownJewel

Bill Goldberg is still one of the most talked-about men in sports entertainment right now. He's not the same monster that conquered WCW 18 years ago, but he's still quite a monster in every sense. Goldberg tops our list of wrestlers who've aged well.

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