15 Best World Heavyweight Championship Matches in WWE History

Winning the World Heavyweight Championship was every wrestlers dream, and these 15 matches prove why.

Kartik Seth

Inarguably the best rivalry for the World Heavyweight Title

For all the wrestling fans, like me, who grew up watching the WWE in the Ruthless Aggression Era and whatever they call the era after that, the now-defunct World Heavyweight Championship holds a very special in their hearts.

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Once regarded as Triple H's personal property, the title then became the staple of the Blue Brand for the rest of its existence where it was proudly held by the likes of Edge, CM Punk, Batista and, of course, The Undertaker, who called the belt his Holy Grail.

Before it became a super Intercontinental title during its final years, the World Heavyweight Title was rated equally, maybe even higher, to the WWE Title by the fans and there was always a question on who the better World Champion is in the WWE.

In fact, there was a time period between 2007, when Batista and Undertaker had that universally acclaimed feud, and 2009, when Punk and Hardy shared the honour of holding the Big Gold Belt that it became the highest prize in WWE.

World Heavyweight Title matches always featured prominent superstars fighting for the belt, and was a staple of the main event of a grand number of pay per views.

As a small nostalgic trip, we take a look at the 15 best matches that were fought with the World Heavyweight Title on the line.


#15 Undertaker vs Edge - TLC Match (One Night Stand 2008)

While not as technically sound as their WrestleMania encounter (about which we'll talk later), or as jaw-dropping as their stunning Hell in a Cell match at Summerslam, it was the TLC match between the Undertaker and Edge that had the most emotional factor attached to it.

It was not just about the World Heavyweight Title anymore and was way more personal at One Night Stand. It was about career this time.

After successfully defending the title against Edge at Backlash 2008, Undertaker was controversially stripped of the title when his submission move was deemed too dangerous.


Similarly, he was screwed off the title once again when he was not awarded the title after a count out win at Judgment Day.

Third time's the charm they say, but it wasn't to be for Taker, as not only was he fighting for the title he never lost, he was also fighting for one more thing - his Career!

With Edge being the master of TLC matches and the constant interference from La Familia, The Undertaker was definitely the underdog in this match.

However, the two veterans gave one of the best performers of their career to wrestle one of the best TLC matches in recent times.

After a 24-minute violent match, Undertaker took a huge bump that not only ended his quest for the World Heavyweight Title but also brought a storyline end to his WWE career.

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Published 11 Aug 2018, 22:59 IST