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John Cena is among the many WWE stars to poop in his pants

15 WWE Superstars who pooped and pissed in the ring

WWE has given fans countless memories over the course of six decades, and the company shows no signs of stopping. Anything is possible in a WWE ring, including superstars relieving themselves, may it be pooping or pissing.

One would expect less famous names on this list, but that's the fun part. This list has names that fans wouldn't imagine in the first place, but it is what it is! No one has escaped nature's call, including the who's who of WWE.


So, without further ado, let's look at 15 WWE Superstars who pooped and pissed inside the squared circle.

#15. Pooped his pants: CM Punk

CM Punk pooped his pants against Dean Ambrose

On the December 6, 2013, edition of SmackDown, CM Punk fell prey to dirty deeds. However, it wasn't courtesy of his opponent, Dean Ambrose, aka Jon Moxley in AEW.


On Colt Cabana's The Art of Wrestling podcast, Punk revealed he was going through a sick spell, and WWE pumped him with a lot of antibiotics. This led to him pooping his pants on television.

This poop just ain't fun anymore.

The former WWE Champion even joked about it with a tweet but was asked to take it down due to inadmissible language. Nevertheless, the tweet is still up!


#14. Peed his pants: Shawn Michaels

Vince McMahon forced Shawn Michaels to piss in the ring

Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon got into a heated feud during the mid-2000s on the road to WrestleMania 22. One segment in the feud saw Mr. McMahon forcing The Heartbreak Kid to take a drug test.

Shawn Michaels obliged and went on to urinate inside the container. What happened next was even more hilarious as Michaels threw the piss all over the former WWE CEO.

#13. Dusty Rhodes' poop, aka 'the muffler'

Dusty Rhodes was known for the 'muffler'

During a sit-down interview with Bill Alfonso, wrestling veteran The Berzerker made a stunning revelation about one of pro wrestling's most revered names, 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes.

He revealed wrestlers like Dusty wrapped toilet paper around their hands and stuffed it in their behind, just in case there was a toilet emergency. These wrestlers labeled this as a 'muffler.' And during his match against Dusty one fine night, the muffler fell out of his pants, leaving fans grossed at the sight!

#12. ECW original Tommy Dreamer pooped his pants


Tommy Dreamer and Mark Henry went against each other quite a few times inside the WWE ring. But during a match on ECW, things turned worse for the legend.

During an interview with Jeff Pearlman, Dreamer admitted that he once pooped his pants after being on the receiving end of a World's Strongest Slam, courtesy of WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry.

#11. Drake Maverick was forced to soil his pants to save a segment!

Drake Maverick played his part perfectly

Drake Maverick made a name for himself in WWE during the late 2010s. He first served as a general manager for 205 Live and then donned the hat of a manager.

Things turned really gross for Maverick at Survivor Series 2018 when a planned segment with The Big Show put him in a spot. As per the plan, Maverick had to use a device given by WWE to pretend he peed his pants.

Sadly, the device malfunctioned, and Maverick had no other choice but to legitimately pee himself to sell the segment.

#10. Andre The Giant couldn't control pooping himself


During a shoot interview, late WWE legend Bam Bam Bigelow revealed that the late great Andre The Giant pooped himself in the ring while wrestling a six-man tag team match during a tour of Mexico in 1992.

He claimed Andre had fifteen to eighteen margaritas before the match, and then when he executed one of his moves on Bad News Brown, he shat all over him. This was famously dubbed as the "fire-hole of shit'" by Bam Bam Bigelow.

#9. The pee that embarrassed Natalya in WWE


During a one-on-one match against Naomi on an episode of Superstars, Natalya found herself in a predicament. As Natalya held Naomi in a waist lock from behind, the former SmackDown Women's Champion set herself free with a forceful push off her hips.

Naomi's hip attack caught Nattie right in her stomach, leading her to pee a little in the middle of the ring. The veteran noted:

"I got nailed so hard, it basically caused me to pee; tinkle a little bit."

#8. Sid Vicious' Tombstone full of poop

Sid Vicious reportedly pooped his pants at WrestleMania 13

Sid Vicious has his fair share of tales from his wrestling days, but none is as embarrassing as this one. Reports claim the former WWE Champion pooped himself during his WrestleMania 13 match against The Undertaker.

Just as The Phenom picked up Sid for the Tombstone Piledriver, it is claimed The Undertaker smelt a powerful stench coming off Sid's tights. He executed the tombstone but maintained a hygienic distance during the pinfall.

While Taker or Sid did not confirm the story, one has to wonder why the latter left in a hurry after the loss.

#7. Seth Rollins' pissing mistake in WWE

In an interview with Dan Campbell on Talking With Soup a decade ago, Seth Rollins was asked about the biggest mistake of his career up to that point. To this question, he instantly responded, "Clearly urinating under the ring last week."

Rollins could not control his bladder and had to let it out during the match. Instead of pissing his pants in the middle of the ring, he went under the ring and relieved himself using a water bottle.


#6. Banzai Drop? More like the 'Poop Drop'

Yokozuna almost pooped on Bret 'The Hitman' Hart

WWE legend Yokozuna experienced Indian weather and food first-hand during WWE's tour of India in 1997. During the tour, Yokozuna developed a bad case of diarrhea, which accompanied him to his match against Bret Hart.

Just as Yokozuna got in position for the Banzai Drop, 'The Hitman' noticed a stain that looked like "a bowl of pea soup." Bret instantly figured out what it was and got out of the way leading to Yokozuna falling rear-first on the mat, staining it in the process.

#5. Austin 3:16 says Vince McMahon just pissed his pants

"McMahon 3:16 says I just pissed my pants." 🤣🤣

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon were rivals made for each other. Their rivalry brought to fans some of the greatest WWE moments to this day, including many embarrassing moments of Mr. McMahon, but no other embarrassing moment comes close to this one.

Mr. McMahon booked himself to legitimately pee in the middle of the ring. 25 years ago, on an episode of WWE RAW, Stone Cold held Mr. McMahon at gunpoint, but McMahon didn't know it was a toy gun, leading him to piss his pants on live television.

#4. Piss? Mr. McMahon pooped his pants too!

Vince McMahon genuinely pooped in his pants

Legendary pro wrestling commentator Jim Ross once made a shocking revelation about the former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. He revealed that during an episode of RAW during the McMahon-Austin feud, the boss legitimately pooped in his pants.

The story goes that just before going out to the ring for the segment, McMahon went to fart in one of his stooges, Gerald Brisco's face. However, what came out was more than a fart, and McMahon ended up doing the segment with a massive poop stain at the back.

#3. The Billion Dollar Princess pissed her pants as well

Wow, Brie Bella really slapped the piss out of Stephanie McMahon #Payback http://t.co/33jjKZ5uVM

Unlike her father, Stephanie McMahon did not have a toy gun to her head which led to the incident. Rather, it was a mere slap that opened the floodgates for the former Co-CEO of WWE.

During a segment with Brie Bella at Payback in 2014, Stephanie McMahon apparently ended up pissing her pants after getting smacked by Brie Bella. Stephanie instantly got out of the ring and headed to the back, which is when the world noticed a wet stain.

#2. Beating so bad, The Game wet his pants

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar was one of the hottest feuds heading into WrestleMania 29. However, at one point, the hot feud turned pretty wet for 'The Game,' literally.

Brock Lesnar made Triple H pee himself

During a brawl with Brock Lesnar on RAW, Triple H actually pissed his pants when The Beast picked him up for a F5 through the table.

The following week, Triple H acknowledged the incident on WWE.com during a chat with The New Age Outlaws. He also noted he would never go out to the ring with a full bladder again.

#1. The Poop is here!

John Cena's stomach changed his tagline to "The poop is here"

John Cena is arguably one of the biggest WWE stars of all time! But even the best and greatest can end up in embarrassing situations, and the 16-time world champion was no exception!

During an episode of Total Divas, John Cena revealed he pooped his pants during a match against Scott Steiner at a live event. Cena revealed he got food poisoning and could not control his bowel movement.

Things got to a point where Cena could barely hold on. Luckily, Cena amassed the strength to roll out, go under the ring and attempt to puke. However, as he puked, he also shit himself.


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