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Dominik Mysterio with his title. Image Credits: wwe.com

29-year-old superstar to help Dominik Mysterio win at NXT No Mercy? Exploring the possibility

On Sunday at NXT No Mercy, Dominik Mysterio will defend his North American Championship against Trick Williams with Dragon Lee as the special guest referee. This match between the duo is highly anticipated among wrestling fans, considering Dominik and Williams are exciting talents.

While many expect Dominik to retain the title due to help from the Judgment Day, there is a chance someone else could interfere and help the NXT North American Champion retain the gold. The superstar who could interfere to Dominik's advantage is Carmelo Hayes.


For a long time on NXT, Hayes and Williams were partners. However, recently, the latter decided to go it alone and discover his own path. While the duo split maturely and continue to remain friends, there is a possibility WWE could book Hayes to turn heel and cost Trick Williams his opportunity to win the title for fear of his friend climbing up the ranks.

If this takes place, WWE could also then debut Carmelo Hayes on RAW. The current NXT Champion could be a new surprise member of The Judgment Day. Given that, apart from Finn Balor, every member of the heel faction seems unsure about JD McDonagh, this angle would work well.


WWE Legend pitches huge title vs. title match against Dominik Mysterio


Among the many popular feuds in WWE over the last few years, the feud between Dominik Mysterio and Rey Mysterio will be legendary for several reasons. In what ended with Rey beating his son at WrestleMania 39, the rivalry had everything a wrestling fan could ask for.

While many believe WrestleMania 39 brought the end of this feud, during a recent appearance on WWE's The Bump, Rey Mysterio pitched an idea involving himself and Dominik Mysterio. The legendary luchador suggested a title vs. title match between him and his son. Rey said:

"If we come to bump shoulders again, (and) he [Dominik] is still champion and I'm still champion, I wouldn't mind putting this [United States Championship] against his title on the line." [From 20:54- 21:03]

Check out what Rey Mysterio said in the interview below:


Rey and Dominik Mysterio match at WrestleMania 39 provided the former a chance to remind the latter that he was his father and should be respected. Rey Mysterio succeeded in delivering a vicious beating to his son. However, with Dominik evolving since then, and even winning a championship, it will be interesting to see if Rey can assert the same dominance.

While this possible feud has just been pitched and discussed for now, the possibility of it becoming reality is quite high. After all, WWE would not want to waste the ongoing drama between the father-son duo.

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