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There are several former WWE stars who are not interested in returning to the company

3 former WWE Superstars who want to return and 3 who don't

WWE currently has the biggest roster that the company has ever had at its disposal but still tends to depend on several former stars for their bigger events. The company has started to rely heavily on former stars in recent years. Interestingly, there are now many wrestlers who have made it clear that they are open to returning to the wrestling behemoth. However, there are also certain names who don't want to return.

In this list, we look at three wrestlers who want to return to WWE, and three who don't.


#6 Wants to return: Former WWE superstar Carlito

Carlito was advertised for RAW Legends Night in 2021 but failed to make an appearance. According to reports, this was down to the fact that he was advertised for the show before WWE agreed a deal with the former United States Champion.

Carlito didn't want to make the trip to America to be part of a fleeting cameo. However, he made it clear that he would be open to returning to the company in a bigger role. According to HeelByNature, Carlito would be happy to return to the company as part of a much more physical role.

"I was told Carlito found out he was just getting a cameo, and said ‘Hey thanks, but no thanks. When you want me to come wrestle or do something, I’m happy to do it. I don’t want to travel across the country just to do a two-minute cameo."

#5 Doesn't want to return: Karl Anderson

Anderson made it clear that he didn't want to return to WWE

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were fantastic additions to WWE's Tag Team Division back in 2016. However, the two men were released from WWE back in April as part of the company's budget cuts, just days after being part of The Undertaker's final match at WrestleMania.


Anderson and Gallows have since moved on to work for IMPACT Wrestling. They have made appearances for All Elite Wrestling as well. Despite spending four years with Vince McMahon's promotion, Anderson has made it clear that he isn't looking to return to his former employers anytime soon.

#4 Wants to return: Santino Marella

Santino Marella made one of the most memorable debuts, winning the Intercontinental Championship while the wrestling behemoth was on tour in Milan, Italy.


The former champion later became a comedy character, even dressing up as a woman called Santina Marella. Marella was released back in 2016, and he has made a handful of appearances since. Marella's daughter has also started training to be part of the wrestling business since her father now runs his own wrestling school.

“I do want to go back into the business but as a commentator. I would have to be Anthony Carelli because I don’t want to do commentary as Santino. I think there are going to be opportunities for me post-COVID with one of the major companies. I always want to go to WWE first because they changed my life and I’m loyal, but if they don’t have an opportunity, I’ll go somewhere else."

Marella recently revealed that he would be open to returning to WWE in the future. However, it would have to be under his real name and as a commentator, since he has no desire to continue his Marella gimmick.

#3 Doesn't want to return: Zack Ryder


Zack Ryder was another wrestler released from the company back in April 2020 as part of budget cuts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The former champion then moved over to All Elite Wrestling. He made several appearances for the company in late 2020, before revealing that his short-term deal with the company had expired.

Ryder looks to have turned his attention to AEW and Indie promotions over the past few months. The former Intercontinental Champion realized that there are many other promotions out there to conquer.

“That’s the place to be right now. To be there even for a month, and do a couple of matches, was a lot of fun. It was great to just be out there and be myself again. Hopefully, we’ll do it again soon. It’s a weird situation and a weird time in the world. I’d love to go to New Japan, or even go back and main event a few indie shows at my home promotions in New York. When the world opens up, it’ll be the best time in wrestling. Fans and wrestlers will both be so excited and we’re gonna have some kicka** shows."

#2 Wants to return: Killer/Karrion Kross


Of the many wrestlers released by WWE after the global pandemic, Kross is one of the few who have shown interest in returning to the wrestling behemoth. Upon being asked about a possible return, here's what the two-time NXT Champion had to say:

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I, respectfully, wouldn’t go back under the same circumstances just out of a logical standpoint. I definitely think I would be interested in a lot more certain things. I think one of my biggest mistakes in general was, you know, I do pride myself on being a pleasure to work with, with whatever is I’m doing. I like to create that good energy that goes around and often times I probably should be a little more assertive when I think something is a bad idea. [H/T: WrestlingInc]

#1 Doesn't want to return: Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose)


Dean Ambrose is a Grand Slam Champion in WWE and someone well-respected within the company. So much so that he was even given a farewell when he decided against signing a new contract back in 2019.

Ambrose has since made it clear that he won't be making returning to Vince McMahon's promotion. He is now a former AEW World Champion and one of the hottest stars in the company under the name Jon Moxley. The former United States Champion recently revealed that he hopes to retire from the business with AEW:

"Yeah, it's definitely [AEW], I've become great friends with Tony Khan, who is a great dude and the most successful promoter outside of Vince in [however] many years. We've been able to create something as a team and to get through the challenge of this pandemic, and well, stay alive [as a promotion]. I'm incredibly proud of everybody [in AEW]. I'd like to wrestle till I'm in my 50's, hopefully. Whatever that means? I don't know."

Moxley also made it clear that he would rather work at McDonald's than return to WWE as a producer:

"I would rather work in McDonald’s than be a producer there. You talk about a thankless job…Or be on the creative team there, I would rather like, tar driveways in the summer heat than be a creative member of the creative team."

Jon Moxley's wife Renee Young also left WWE in 2021.


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