Tug of War II?

3 major unanswered questions before tonight's Raw (March 19)

  • 3 Raws left before WrestleMania. 3 questions to be answered tonight.
J.M. Carpenter

Tonight is the third last Raw before WrestleMania. After weeks of bait and switches, Vince McMahon guaranteed Brock Lesnar will be in attendance. We'll also see Asuka take on Alexa Bliss and more in the build to the triple threat Intercontinental Championship match.


Although the WrestleMania card is taking shape nicely now, there are three major unanswered questions that tonight's Raw could shed light on.

#1: What will the Ultimate Deletion look like?

It's telling that WWE thought that this should air on Raw rather than WrestleMania. Both of these competitors will instead be in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. All the excitement in the air for Matt Hardy becoming "Woken" has dissipated. Bray Wyatt remains Bray Wyatt.

There's little room for moderation in this segment. It will either be very good or very bad. It has potential to be the most stupidly hilarious thing we've seen on Raw in some time, but it could also easily turn into the worst segment of the year. Which will it be? Fans are curious.

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Published 19 Mar 2018, 17:50 IST