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Former SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks

3 ordinary jobs Sasha Banks worked before joining WWE

After competing for about two years on the independent circuit, Sasha Banks joined WWE in 2012. Over the next decade, The Boss became one of the most successful female competitors in the history of the company. The 30-year-old is now a Grand Slam and Triple Crown Champion.

However, before becoming the wrestling megastar she is today, Banks had to work a few ordinary jobs to earn a living. Over the past few years, The Boss has opened up about her previous occupations in a few interviews.


Here are three ordinary jobs Sasha Banks worked before joining WWE.

#3. Sasha Banks worked at a hotel


Before signing her developmental contract with WWE, Sasha Banks worked at a hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.


In an interview with Rolling Stone ahead of WrestleMania 32, The Boss spoke about her old job, disclosing that she worked at the hotel where her mother was an accountant.

"I used to work at a hotel. I was the order-taker for room service. My mom worked at the hotel as an accountant," she explained. (H/T: TJR Wrestling)

Before an episode of Monday Night RAW in Boston in October 2015, Banks paid a visit to her former colleagues at the hotel. In the same interview with Rolling Stone, The Boss revealed her old co-workers' reactions when they saw her.

"To go see your old co-workers – the people you switched hours with so you could go to your independent shows and WWE tryouts – some of them actually started crying and were like, 'Wow, you said it and you did it.' I was trying not to cry, but knowing I got to be there before WrestleMania motivated me so much more," she added. (H/T: TJR Wrestling)

At WrestleMania 32, Banks faced Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair to crown the inaugural WWE Women's Champion. However, she came up short as The Queen walked out victorious.

#2. The former WWE SmackDown Women's Champion worked at Gold's Gym

Sasha Banks worked at Gold's Gym

Before making it big in the wrestling industry, several superstars worked as personal trainers, like Charlotte Flair. A few of these wrestlers worked at Gold's Gym, such as Triple H and John Cena.

Speaking to Stone Cold Steve Austin on the Broken Skull Sessions podcast in 2021, Sasha Banks also revealed that she once worked at Gold's Gym. In a tweet Banks posted in May 2012, the former SmackDown Women's Champion stated that she was working as a personal trainer.

"I got another job as a personal trainer! :-)" Banks wrote.

About a month after that tweet, The Boss participated in a WWE tryout. In August of that same year, she signed her developmental contract.

#1. Sasha Banks worked at a shoe store


In addition to her hotel and Gold's Gym jobs, Sasha Banks also worked at a shoe store before signing with WWE.

In her interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the Broken Skull Sessions podcast, The Boss spoke about her previous occupations, revealing that despite working these jobs, she always knew she would become a successful wrestler.

"Before I got signed, I was working at a hotel, I was working at a shoe store, and I was working at Gold's gym. But I knew that I was going to make it and wrestling was going to be my only thing," she said.

After competing for nearly a decade in the Stamford-based company, Banks walked out during the May 16 episode of Monday Night RAW. The company has since suspended her and stripped her and her partner Naomi from their Women's Tag Team Championships.

While some reports have suggested that WWE has released Banks and Naomi from their contracts, neither the company nor the two superstars have confirmed these rumors.

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