The spear that momentarily made Roman a fan favorite

3 rare occasions the WWE Universe cheered Roman Reigns

  • This article highlights rare occasions when Roman Reigns was heavily cheered.
Abhilash Mendhe

It's no secret what the WWE Universe thinks of the Shield's breakout star. Ever since the Shield broke up after Seth Rollins' treacherous beatdown on Reigns and Ambrose, fans have voiced their displeasure at Roman Reigns' mega push to the top of the Raw roster.


When Reigns was a member of the Shield, he used to get positive reactions on a regular basis. His most notable moments were when he turned into a star in a traditional Survivor Series match in 2013, eliminating 4 opponents in succession. Months later, he broke Kane's record for the most number of eliminations in the Royal Rumble match, by throwing 12 superstars off the top rope.

Unfortunately, Shield's implosion didn't do him any favors. Even though the top management pushed him to the moon, the fans were having none of it!

Reigns soon surpassed Cena as being the most controversial superstar of this era, receiving loud boos on a consistent basis. Amidst this sea of boos, there were a few rare moments when the fans cheered in unison for Roman.

Let's take a look at them!

#3 The Shield reunites!

A much-awaited reunion

On the October 9, 2017, edition of Raw, the Miz made it clear to the fans that the rumors of the Shield reunion were nowhere close to reality. This led to Reigns coming in, with an arena full of passionate fans booing the daylights out of him. Although there were some cheers sprinkled in-between in hopes of a reunion.

The moment Roman clarified that the Shield was actually reuniting, the arena suddenly erupted into cheers. Out came Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, to the utter amazement of the crowd.

The Shield, finally reunited, approached the ring, where they proceeded to dispose of Sheamus and Cesaro, plus The Miz's sidekick, Curtis Axel. To top it all off, the Hounds Of Justice ended the beatdown with their patented triple powerbomb on The Miz. 

The fans didn't hold back one bit and blew the roof off the arena with some of the loudest cheerings in recent history. This moment made the management in the back realize the cold, hard fact - Roman Reigns was a fan favorite as long as he was a part of the Shield. Alone, he was the most hated WWE Superstar on the planet.

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Published 23 Feb 2019, 17:14 IST