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John Cena will face Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa at Fastlane 2023

3 reasons why John Cena is facing Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa in a 2-on-1 match at WWE Fastlane

At Fastlane 2023, John Cena is set to participate in another highly anticipated match, where he will take on Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa in a Handicap match. Currently, WWE hasn't disclosed whether Cena will need a partner at Fastlane to face the Bloodline members, but they are promoting Cena vs. Jimmy and Solo Sikoa.

However, it's highly probable that the Cenation Leader may find an unexpected ally in the upcoming episodes of SmackDown before Fastlane. This could lead to the setup of a traditional tag team match for the event.


With that in mind, let's discuss three reasons why Cena is facing Jimmy & Sikoa in a 2v1 match at the upcoming Premium Live event.

#3. Due to last-minute changes in John Cena & LA Knight tag team plans

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For those unaware, originally, LA Knight was supposed to come to the rescue of the 16-time World Champion during the brutal assault by The Bloodline in the main event of SmackDown. However, Knight contracted an unexpected case of COVID, leading to the cancellation of these initial plans.


This could be the reason why the company has announced a two-on-one match for Fastlane 2023. However, if the Megastar recovers in time for Fastlane, WWE might once again include Knight to team up with John Cena, turning the match into a standard tag team showdown.

#2. To set up a singles clash between Solo Sikoa and John Cena

Another possible reason for this handicap match could be to pave the way for another showdown between the Bloodline Enforcer and the Cenation Leader. The likely scenario that could unfold is Cena securing the victory in the match, even with the odds stacked against him, by pinning Jimmy Uso.


This outcome could lead to Sikoa's frustration with the loss and his subsequent challenge to John Cena for a future one-on-one clash. Sikoa might argue that he wasn't the one pinned in the match and, therefore, deserves a shot at Cena.

#1. For an unexpected comeback at Fastlane 2023

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John Cena's involvement in the handicap match also leaves room for the possibility of another surprise comeback at the Fastlane Premium Live event. With AJ Styles sidelined due to injury and LA Knight dealing with health issues, WWE might be planning a major surprise for this event.

The company could have a significant returning superstar make an unexpected comeback on the show and join forces with the Cenation Leader at the last moment. One potential name that comes to mind is Randy Orton, who has been recently spotted at the WWE Performance Centre.

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