Will Kofi finally get his WWE championship reign?

3 reasons Kofi Kingston should win the WWE championship

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Jake Sasko
Modified 10 Mar 2019, 11:36 IST

One of the most compelling stories leading into this year's WrestleMania is the possibility that Kofi Kingston could become the WWE Champion for the first time in his career. He was a mid-carder in WWE for years, winning multiple titles including the Tag Team Championship, United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship but has never won the big one. Some thought the time would never come but now at the age of 37 Kofi has the biggest chance of his career to finally win the big one and become WWE Champion for the first time.


Many stories could take place if he wins the WWE Title and all of them would lead to something bigger than just one moment at WrestleMania. While if that moment happens it could be one of the best Mania moments ever and that right there is a big enough reason to give him the title there should be a bigger picture involved.

These 3 things would make Kofi's reign on top not just be about one moment but about an entire thought out story.

#3 Xavier Woods can win the Money In The Bank match

Could Woods win the Ladder Match?

Xavier Woods is the least likely of the New Day three to get a singles push but him winning a big match in May could make him the best pushed out of the three. Woods winning the Money In The Bank ladder match while his best friend is the WWE Champion would in storyline cause tension between the two men. Woods wouldn't have to win the belt but just having him be in contention for it makes him a bigger star all around.

Teasing jealousy in a faction is one of the easiest and best stories to complete and could end with Kofi retaining his title or a shocking turn from his buddy Woods. The possibilities are endless for this storyline.

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Published 10 Mar 2019, 11:36 IST