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Randy Orton (left); Jey Uso (right)

3 reasons why Randy Orton needs an alliance with Jey Uso

Randy Orton says he is cool with Jey Uso after everything The Bloodline did to him 18 months ago. The Viper “forgave” Main Event Jey for the assault that cost him more than a year of his career. Jey was ecstatic to learn of Orton’s attitude and even caused him to say, “Yeet!”

That being said, it is possible that Orton could simply be playing mind games with Jey Uso to get to The Bloodline. The 14-time World Champion has already been announced for SmackDown this Friday. This will be his first appearance on the blue brand since May 20, 2022.

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Let’s take a look at three reasons why Randy Orton needs an alliance with Jey Uso:

#3. Randy Orton cannot take out The Bloodline alone


The Bloodline has always had the numbers advantage against their opponents. This strength in numbers has allowed Roman Reigns to hold onto the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship over the past three years. The faction even held five championships at one point on the WWE roster.

There’s no denying that Randy Orton cannot solo The Bloodline. They are too powerful for him to face alone. After all, it’s three against one. By having Jey Uso in his corner, the Viper can potentially take care of Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa before focusing his attention on Roman Reigns.


#2. Get his hand on to Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is the ear and eyes of Roman Reigns. The Wise Man has mentored the Big Dog to one of the greatest title reigns of all time. He’s also made sure The Bloodline continues to dominate the WWE through his mentorship of Solo Sikoa and possibly this NXT star.

Randy Orton knows just how important and close Paul Heyman is to Roman Reigns, but he needs someone in his corner, someone who knows the Wise Man like Roman Reigns does. That someone is none other than Jey Uso.

#1. Win tag team titles with Jey Uso


Both Randy Orton and Jey Uso know a thing or two about winning the tag team titles. Orton and Matt Riddle held the RAW Tag Team Championship, while The Usos held the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Ironically, Jimmy and Jey were responsible for ending RK-Bro’s tag team title reign.

Given their bitter history, Orton and Jey may seem like an odd pairing, but they can still work together and even claim the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. Fans might have to wait to see if Orton and Jey will become a full-fledged team somewhere down the line.

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