Will a heel Daniel Bryan help the blue brand?

3 Reasons why Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship is best for SmackDown Live

  • Will Daniel Bryan shockingly won the WWE Championship on SmackDown Live, it may be what's best for the brand moving forward.
Ali Akber

#2 Gives the faces a chance

More superstars will get to feud for the championship

A heel turn for Daniel Bryan and his championship win will be a breath of fresh air for the faces on the blue brand. AJ Styles was a face for the entire time he was the WWE Champion, and mostly had long feuds with the heels of the blue brand.

While the faces also got chances to win the title, it was the heels who were put into extended feuds with the former champion and the buildup was based on several weeks. Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe were two of the men who got a chance to win the title on several occasions as heels.

The faces of the blue brand, which include Jeff Hardy, Rusev, and Rey Mysterio, will all get a chance to get into extended feuds with the WWE Champion since the champion is a heel. The pairings can work off well, as Bryan has always shone brighter as a champion.

AJ Styles will most probably be the first one to get a few matches against Bryan to win back his championship, once the dust settles other faces of the brand will finally have a new championship to fight for as the United States Championship is barely ever defended by the heel Nakamura.

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Published 14 Nov 2018, 17:09 IST