Will Lacey Evans become the next 24/7 Champion?

WWE RAW : 3 reasons why Lacey Evans can become the next 24/7 Champion

  • Will the Sassy Southern Belle be the next one to hold gold?
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Modified 23 May 2019, 04:15 IST

WWE has made the headlines by introducing the 24/7 Championship. The fans were really excited when the company announced that hardcore legend Mick Foley would introduce a new title on RAW. However, the first reaction to the championship's design and name was very poor. Mick Foley too felt that the crowd was dead for the segment but he said that it was his fault.


Nevertheless, the title is here to stay, and the current champion R-Truth had a memorable day as champion on SmackDown Live. Carmella disguised him as a lady before the entire under-card of the blue brand tried to grab the championship from him. Luckily, R-Truth managed to escape the arena with the title, but it does not look like he will have a lengthy reign with the title.

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The concept of the 24/7 Championship is to crown new champions everyday or every other day, so the former United States Champion will undoubtedly lose the title next week. The question is who will be the next 24/7 Champion? Well, it could be very well be RAW's female superstar, Lacey Evans.

You may be surprised by reading Evans' name here but here are the 3 reasons why she can really win the title -

#3 Anyone can win the title anywhere and at anytime


Mick Foley did not mention that only male superstars are allowed to compete for the 24/7 Championship. He clearly mentioned in his promo that the 24/7 title can be defended anytime at any place and against anyone. Thus, this means that even the female stars can compete for the title.

Even the rumor mill is abuzz with this rumor.

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Given the nature of the matches which take place for the 24/7 Championship, the WWE will be able to stage inter gender matches without crossing the PG era limit.

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Published 23 May 2019, 04:15 IST