Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans will mostly lock horns once again at WWE Stomping Grounds

3 reasons why WWE booking a 'Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans' feud is a huge mistake

  • This move has puzzled the WWE Universe because there was no need at all for this feud
Vinay Chhabria

The women's division of WWE has fallen way below the standards that it had set in the year 2018. One can argue that no female superstar can match the levels of Ronda Rousey but it is the storyline booking which has let the women's division down.


The Creative teamed crowned Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair as the #1 contenders of the RAW and SmackDown Women's Championship respectively. Both the heels had a common enemy in Becky Lynch and it seemed like the two heels had formed a great bond between themselves.

However, this myth was proven wrong when Lacey Evans turned on Charlotte Flair on last week's SmackDown Live episode and the two battled in a match, last night on RAW as well.

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This move has puzzled the WWE Universe because there was no need at all for this feud. I will list the 3 key reasons which will prove that this 'Lacey Evans vs Charlotte Flair' feud is a huge mistake -

#3 The WWE Universe has no one to cheer for!

The crowd was chanting 'Becky, Becky, Becky' during the match

The fact that both Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans are heels will it very difficult for the WWE Universe to pick someone whom they can cheer for. The fans do not like the way Charlotte is winning championships one after the other while a majority of fans hate Lacey Evans' in-ring work and her character.

These characteristics have made the two female superstars mega-heels of the female division yet WWE is booking a feud between them. I see WWE booking a match between the two at WWE Stomping Grounds where the winner of the match will earn a title shot at Becky's title or maybe even the champion they want to go after.

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Published 05 Jun 2019, 10:50 IST