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3 things Sasha Banks should do on tonight's WWE RAW (and 2 things she shouldn't)

The Boss returned to WWE on last week's RAW and demolished Becky Lynch. What should she do tonight?

Thomas Lowson

The Boss returned to RAW last week attacking Natalya and Becky Lynch.

Last week on WWE RAW, Sasha Banks finally made her return to WWE TV after months away from the ring.

After losing at WrestleMania 35, Banks spent over five months away from the company, as rumors ran wild on the reason behind this.

On last week's RAW, Banks re-solidified herself as one of the top star in the company's women's division, and showing her true colors - literally - when she attacked the injured Natalya, revealing her new blue hair.


Leveling RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch with a series of chair shots, the Boss showed a mean streak that fans haven't seen from her in far too long.

Here are 3 things Sasha Banks should do on tonight's edition of WWE Monday Night RAW - and two things that she absolutely shouldn't.

#5 Should: Reference being overlooked

Each of Sasha's reigns as RAW Women's Champion have been short, though others have had much longer reigns.

When Sasha Banks was called up from NXT in 2015, there was plenty of buzz around the Boss.


In the yellow and black brand, the Boss had been a tour de force, even holding the NXT Women's Championship, before she made the jump to the red brand.

In her four years on the main roster, though, things haven't been easy for her. Even though she's a four-time RAW Women's Champion, and one half of the first-ever WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, each of these reigns were surprisingly short.

With stars like Charlotte Flair, Lacey Evans and others receiving title shot after title shot, this could definitely be something that the Boss should address on tonight's show, leaving fans to question what parts of what she's said are a work, and what parts are a shoot.

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