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Oh, my Brother! Testify!

3 WWE sibling tag teams that aren't actually related and 2 that are

If you have grown up with a brother or sister, you will know that there is an innate bond between you and your siblings. You fight, you joke, you squabble, you make up, these are things that siblings naturally have to them.


As the youngest of three, having two older brothers, I know first hand how difficult it can be to get a word in, but wouldn't trade those two for the world.

In the WWE, there has been no shortage of sibling tag-teams, who have used their keen knowledge of one another to help win matches and championship titles in the process. But the WWE have never exactly been afraid of stretching the truth in order to entertain the WWE Universe across the company's various decades.

Here are three sibling teams in WWE that aren't actually related, and two that actually are.

#5 Not actually related: The Basham Brothers

The Basham Brothers

When Doug and Danny Basham debuted on WWE SmackDown in the summer of 2003, the pair quickly made an impact.


Winning the WWE Tag Team Championships just months after their debut, the brothers would dominate with their intense offense, rule-breaking, and using Twin Magic to allow the fresher man to be in the ring.

But despite their use of twin magic, it will shock many fans to know that not only are Doug and Danny not actually twins, but they're also not even related at all.

Instead, Lyle 'Doug' Basham, first met his alleged 'brother' Danny (whose real name is Daniel Holle) when they began training together, before later being paired with Shaniqua on SmackDown.

Shaving their heads and wearing matching ring-gear, it's actually amazing how similar the two actually looked, with their brotherly bond allowing the duo to win championship gold twice, defeating Los Guerreros and Rey Mysterio & RVD.


#4 Actually related: The Hardy Boyz

The Hardy Boyz

When Matt and Jeff Hardy went their separate ways in 2002, the pair became drastically different people.

Matt left for SmackDown, starting his amazing and underrated 'Mattitude' gimmick, whilst Jeff remained on RAW, receiving a brief push against then WWE Undisputed Champion, The Undertaker.


But despite the pair's massive differences, Matt and Jeff are actually brothers, growing up together with their father in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Like most siblings who grew up watching wrestling, the pair often imitated the moves of their heroes at home, turning their trampoline into a makeshift ring. Later in life, Matt and Jeff even founded their own promotion, OMEGA, which they worked in alongside fellow WWE alumni, including Shannon Moore and Shane 'Hurricane' Helms.

In 2017, the pair returned to WWE, capturing the RAW Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 33, proving that blood is indeed thicker than water, or in their case, ladders.

#3 Not actually related: Kane and The Undertaker

The Brothers of Destruction

For seven years, The Undertaker caused a path of destruction in the WWF, capturing the WWF Title twice along the way.

But by 1997, fans still relatively nothing about the Lord of Darkness' past, that was, until Paul Bearer let the truth known about the Undertaker's past, and his deformed brother Kane.

Debuting at In Your House: Bad Blood, Kane quickly got the upper hand on his older brother, laying him out with a tombstone, securing Shawn Michaels the victory.

But contrary to popular belief, the two satanic Superstars aren't actually related, with Mark Calaway and Glen Jacobs having very different upbringings.

The pair most recently appeared at Crown Jewel, despite having some pretty busy lives out of the ring, especially Kane, who earlier this year became the governor of Knox County, Tennessee, following in the footsteps of Jesse Ventura as a wrestler entering politics.

#2 Actually related: Rockin' Robin, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, and Sam Houston

Robin, Jake and Houston

Whilst they never teamed together, it is still shocking to find out that these three very different wrestlers were actually related. Jake Roberts after all, built himself as a loner, trusting his reptilian friends over real people, only raring teaming with his fellow man.


But Jake, Robin and Houston were all the offspring of former pro-wrestler Grizzly Smith, making them all 2nd generation Superstars, though Roberts had a different mother to his much more accepted siblings.

Despite being one of the first families of the WWF, the company never mentioned their real-life blood connection, instead choosing to have the three remain as singles stars.

Whilst they never teamed together, Roberts and Houston were briefly involved in the same match, with both appearing at the 1988 Royal Rumble, with Roberts lasting 22 minutes, and Houston a respectable near-15 minutes.

#1 Not actually related: The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz

As a tag-team, Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley became arguably the greatest tag team of all time, winning WWF, ECW, WCW, TNA, NWA and New Japan Tag Team Gold.

But despite their long-established brotherly bond, the pair aren't actually related, first being put together back in the original ECW. Even little brother Spike, the runt of the team, isn't related to either man.

Nor is any member of the massive Dudley family in ECW, who were explained as being born by different mothers but to the same father, to explain the various differences between the members.

To this day, the pair of Bubba Ray and D-Von are still portrayed as brothers, including during their reunion tour in the WWE in 2015.

Whilst they were unsuccessful in capturing gold that time, the not-so-brotherly brothers showed that they could still go decades after pairing together. Testify!

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