Could Finn Balor assert himself as the Demon King by ending the career of the Undertaker?

3 WWE Superstars who should retire The Undertaker and 3 who shouldn't

  • A Demon and a Monster are just some of the potential choices to end the legendary WWE career of The Undertaker!
Thomas Lowson
Modified 18 Jun 2019, 16:16 IST

Since his debut at the 1990 WWE Survivor Series, The Undertaker has had a truly iconic career.


Over the years, the Deadman has held World Championships, the Hardcore title, Tag team titles, and has faced some of the greatest of all time. But now at 54 years old, it's clear that the Deadman's career is coming to an end.

Though many fans believe (and possibly) hope they've seen the last of The Undertaker wrestling after his hated match at Super Showdown, we feel the Deadman should have a better send off.

There are plenty of possible contenders to do the dead, but there are also some the company should definitely avoid. Here are three WWE Superstars who should retire The Undertaker as well as three who really shouldn't.

#3: Should: Braun Strowman

Strowman could prove he is the true Monster of WWE by ending The Undertaker.

Ever since Braun Strowman split from the Wyatt family in 2016, the lone Superstar has been on a tear. Demolishing everyone in his path, the Monster Among Men has vanquished plenty of literal giant stars, including the Big Show and Kane.


But with the World's largest athlete and the Devil's favourite Demon conquered, who's next? The Undertaker, that's who!

Defeating The Undertaker would be the biggest win in Strowman's career, and after repeated failed attempts at the Universal Championship, a big win is something that the Monster Among Men could really do with.

Aged 35, it's clear that the company has a lot of faith in Strowman, so ending the Deadman's legendary career could be feasible.

In doing so, Strowman would cement his legacy forever, be an instant World Championship contender again, and prove himself as the real Monster among men.

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Published 18 Jun 2019, 16:16 IST