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  • 39-year-old WWE star to betray his faction and reunite with CM Punk after 13 years? Exploring the chances
CM Punk wasn't always alone in his WWE journey

39-year-old WWE star to betray his faction and reunite with CM Punk after 13 years? Exploring the chances

CM Punk's return to WWE sparked a lot of possibilities and feuds for the future, but some could stem from the past. Although most fans remember the former AEW star mainly going solo in his journey at the Stamford-based promotion, there was a time he formed a group called The Straight Edge Society.

CM Punk formed SES in 2009, which ran until the following year. The villainous faction's concept was to promote a straight edge lifestyle, which includes no smoking, drinking, or drugs. They would primarily attack those who refused to follow them. Punk was joined by Joey Mercury, Serena, and Luke Gallows. Interestingly, one of them is still working with WWE as an active superstar.


Gallows is part of The OC with AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Mia Yim. However, the group is currently inactive. The big man has suffered a knee injury, and when The Phenomenal One will return is still unknown. Even with Punk and Luke's history, a reunion between both stars is unlikely.

As mentioned above, Styles has been absent from WWE programming for a while due to The Bloodline's attack on a previous episode of SmackDown. With this in mind, he will most likely feud with Roman Reigns once he returns, and both groups will clash heads.


AJ and Punk could feud down the line, especially next year, but it's also unlikely that Gallows will be involved that much. CM Punk and Styles will most likely focus their dream feud with each other, especially since they both claim to be The Best in the World. The closest Straight Edge Society reunion is maybe when the former AEW star and the 39-year-old cross backstage for a quick segment.

Will AJ Styles be CM Punk's first feud in WWE?

Punk with the rest of the Straight Edge Society.

There are multiple possibilities for the Chicago star now that he has returned to the company. However, a feud with The Phenomenal One is not the front-runner.

According to Sports Illustrated, CM Punk will reportedly feud with Seth Rollins soon. The heated feud between the two men could even serve as the main event for the first night of WrestleMania 40. After The Visionary, the former WWE Champion could begin a feud with Roman Reigns.

Will CM Punk be on this week's WWE SmackDown?


According to the latest reports from PWInsider, the 45-year-old is not scheduled to appear on the December 1, 2023, episode of Friday Night SmackDown. However, he could still be considered a free agent as he is not officially assigned to any roster.

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It would be interesting to see how Punk will interact with his former friends and foes in WWE in the future.

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