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Jey Uso had a chaotic and emotionally draining WWE SmackDown

4 directions for Jey Uso after the jaw-dropping events of WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown was an intense show for The Bloodline and those affiliated with the group. Fans were expecting Jey Uso to make a decision. Paul Heyman demanded he either side with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline or with Jimmy Uso, who is no longer with the faction.

Instead of making a decision, however, Jey remains more mysterious than ever. The Wiseman pulled some strings to allow Jey Uso to challenge for Austin Theory's United States Championship in the main event as a means of luring him back into the fold.


Unfortunately, chaos erupted. A referee went down, and Jimmy Uso came out to help his brother. Solo Sikoa attacked Jimmy, Jey tried to prevent chaos, and Jimmy accidentally struck Jey, costing him the win. Jey then walked away from Jimmy and the duo of Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa post-match.

Jey Uso's loyalty is up in the air. Fans aren't sure what he'll do next, but this article will look at possible directions for the talented star following the incredible chaos from the blue brand.

Below are four directions for Jey Uso after the jaw-dropping events of WWE SmackDown.


#4. Jey Uso may go solo

Jey Uso in the crowd

WWE SmackDown came to a close with Jey Uso walking away from not only his twin brother Jimmy but from Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa too. While it could come down to him needing time to choose a side, the issue may be deeper than that.

The Bloodline may be too toxic for Jey to stay associated with in any shape. This means that Main Event Jey Uso may abandon his twin brother, his younger brother, his cousin, and the sycophant Paul Heyman and journey out on his own.

Sami Zayn, a RAW star who was able to appear on WWE SmackDown thanks to being a tag team champion, talked to Jey. A former friend, Sami, has been trying to explain to Jey Uso that The Bloodline is toxic. Is Jey finally waking up to it?


#3. He could choose his brother and The Usos will remain dominant

The Usos at Crown Jewel 2022

The most obvious choice Jey could make, and arguably the most morally correct option, is to remain united with his brother Jimmy Uso. While some will disagree, Jimmy is not the villain in this scenario. He did what was right. Jey may see that and opt to do the same.

Jey certainly has a relationship with Roman Reigns and Solo, but he's clearly closer to Jimmy than anybody else. Choosing his twin over the other family members is a logical move. Beyond the moral implications, it may be a wise career choice too.

The Usos are the most dominant tag team in WWE history. They hold the record for the longest tag team championship reign and have won belts repeatedly for over a decade. While Jey could potentially do well as a solo star, the jury is still out on that. There's no doubt he'd excel with Jimmy.

#2. Jey Uso could remain as a member of The Bloodline

Jey @WWEUsos has a decision to make.

Where will he stand?

With @WWERomanReigns? Or with his own brother, Jimmy?


Roman Reigns' comments at the end of last week's WWE SmackDown hit the heartstrings of fans all around the world. He claimed that Jey would fall in line like he always does, as opposed to following his brother out of the group.


The reason why WWE fans found the comment so depressing is because of the truth behind it. Jey didn't want to join the group, to begin with, but he fell in line. He didn't want Sami Zayn in the stable, but he fell in line. He didn't like the way the stable later attacked Sami, but once again, Jey fell in line.

Jey Uso could end up doing the very same thing again. It would be shocking to see the former André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner choose Roman over his own twin, but history has proved he'll always fall in line.

#1. Main Event Jey Uso could become WWE's new Tribal Chief

Is @HeymanHustle telling the truth?

@WWERomanReigns wants Jey @WWEUsos to be the NEXT Tribal Chief...


Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns have proven to be incredible at gaslighting fans, employees, and the WWE Superstars they interact with. None have felt the mental manipulation more than The Usos, however.

Jey, in particular, has fallen victim to their mind games many times, and it may strike again. The Wiseman insisted that Jimmy wanted out of the group because Jimmy "knew" that Jey was being groomed as the next Tribal Chief of WWE. He would be Roman's natural replacement.

While most assume that the comment was a lie to manipulate Jey, what if there's truth in what was said? Many believe that Roman Reigns will follow The Rock, Batista, and John Cena to Hollywood. Perhaps their plan really is to groom Jey to become the new Tribal Chief. If that is the plan, Jey may go down that route beginning next week.

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