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4 female WWE Superstars who would benefit most from joining AEW

  • For these women, the grass may be greener on the other side.
Daniel Crump
Modified 15 Jun 2019, 23:11 IST

Despite the vast amount of justifiable criticism we can all throw at the WWE post 2010, one positive thing they have managed bring to the wrestling world in recent years is the advancement of women's wrestling.


Ever since the origins of the women's revolution down on NXT, Vince McMahon has been uncharacteristically proactive in making sure his was the company to push female stars into the limelight.

There was a time when other promotions like TNA were able to boast about their own female divisions, but the idea that women could main event PPVs and be bigger stars than the men never really seemed plausible until it happened in WWE.

2019 saw the ultimate culmination of all the previous hard work with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey appearing in the main event of WrestleMania - a spot only reserved for the select few.

Fans of wrestling have been more than willing to come along for the ride. You only need to look at the outrage around the female talent being excluded from the Saudi Arabia shows to realise this.

It's unlikely fans would have cared that much about Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres not appearing at Super ShowDown, but when you start to leave off the likes of Charlotte and Becky it creates quite the noticeable gap.

AEW have the wherewithal and respect for Professional Wrestling to understand that a female division is crucial if they want to break into the top tier of wrestling companies. The two matches we saw at Double or Nothing confirmed this to be true.

But what will become of the AEW women's division in the long term? Perhaps in much the same way as guys like Jon Moxley and Sean Spears are realising, many of the WWE female roster will be eyeing AEW as an opportunity to break away from the pack and make a name for themselves in ways Vince McMahon would never allow.


Here are 4 female WWE stars who AEW would benefit most from signing:

#1 Ember Moon

Bad Moon rising?

If things do not start to happen for her soon, there's a very strong possibility that Ember Moon could end up as yet another victim of the NXT-to-Main Roster promotion curse.


What was once an all-rounded, genuinely enigmatic source of charisma is now struggling to keep her head above water on the biggest stage - and through no fault of her own.

Any avid follower of NXT will know Ember's talents as a wrestler as well as her ability to get the audience on her side. Without being the loudest or most instantly noticeable of superstars, Ember does most of her talking inside the ring and takes fans on quite the journey in the process.

You could argue that Moon shone brightest on NXT at the worst possible time, what with Asuka's title reign and accompanying undefeated streak stealing all the headlines.

With the Empress of Tomorrow essentially making the NXT women's division look like the rookies they were, Ember Moon was pushed as the only real threat to the streak and probably should have ended it before Asuka's promotion to RAW.


Women's wrestling in WWE may now be a well established part of their output, and it is partly for this reason that AEW do need to concentrate on building their own roster to match it.

Ember Moon could be a crucial part of this for all the reasons mentioned above. What is more, she comes across as somebody who is invested in her own creativity, even if that means missing out on the biggest prizes. Surely working under Brandi Rhodes as opposed to Stephanie McMahon would suit this kind of superstar far more.

Free from the shackles of WWE's rigid approach to their content, Ember Moon's already established uniqueness would only surge higher and higher on a platform such as AEW.

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Published 15 Jun 2019, 23:11 IST