We may not see Roman Reigns turn heel.

4 reasons why Roman Reigns will never turn heel

  • We may never see the Big Dog turn heel and here are few reasons why!
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Modified 02 Mar 2019, 18:00 IST

Roman Reigns is back on WWE TV. After going on hiatus for around half a year to treat Leukemia, the Big Dog is now in remission and will soon make his in-ring return. However, whether the WWE officials will be going back to push Reigns as much as they did before, or wait is still up in the air.

Most WWE fans are eager to see if Roman would turn heel since that was one of the major demands during Reigns' earlier runs with the company. No matter how hard he tried, Reigns' character got stale over time, and WWE would have to try hard to prevent that in the current run.

However, the fans who want to see Reigns turn heel may have to wait a lot longer because WWE may not have any plans to do it. In this list, we will take a look at a few reasons why Roman Reigns will never turn heel.

#4 Merch Sale

Roman Reigns is one of the leading merch sellers in WWE.

Love him or hate him, Roman Reigns sells a lot of merchandise. Even though it took him around 4 years and John Cena's dormancy, in 2018, Reigns finally overthrew John Cena as the top merch seller of the company.

Since a heel turn could potentially interrupt the amazing numbers Roman possesses in the merchandise area, WWE may not be willing to take a risk and turn him heel.

#3 Popular among kids

Roman Reigns is very popular among WWE's target audience.

After the Attitude Era died in the early 2000s, WWE wanted to expand their audience. The significant portion of the WWE audience then were men or youngsters in their late teens. WWE wanted to open to their product to women as well as kids. Thus they began creating larger than life characters like John Cena.

After WWE went PG in the late 2000s, WWE began focusing on kids and began catering the product to them. Roman Reigns, at the moment, is one of the major attraction for kids - WWE's target demographic. Kids view him as a superhero who can overcome any obstructions to get on to the top.

Thus turning him heel may have a negative impact on WWE's target audience.

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Published 02 Mar 2019, 18:00 IST