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4 reasons why WWE will turn Roman Reigns heel after WrestleMania 35

  • A list of reasons why WWE will turn the Big Dog heel soon.
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Modified 10 Mar 2019, 14:15 IST

The Big Dog made his much-anticipated return to the squared circle a couple of weeks ago, announcing that he was in remission. The sea of fans gave Reigns one of the biggest pops of his career, and it seemed that he would finally be accepted by the fans as a full-blown babyface.


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This is far from the truth though, as it's only a matter of time before the WWE Universe turns on Reigns again. Here are 3 scathing reasons why The Big Dog will turn heel soon, as early as post WrestleMania.

#4 The sympathetic cheers won't last long

Fans heavily cheered for Roman during his exit

Last year, when Reigns relinquished his Universal title and announced that he was diagnosed with leukemia, the crowd that was booing him moments ago, suddenly began cheering him!


These sympathetic cheers won't be lasting too long and it's high time WWE realizes the cold, hard facts - Roman Reigns needs to be a heel. The fans will blow up once again the minute Reigns is thrust into the main event scene.

WWE made the right decision this past week on Raw and confirmed that Reigns won't try to take Rollins' moment away, but that doesn't mean it won't happen after Mania.

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When it happens, the crowd will turn for sure, and the corporate giant knows this. Rollins won't be turning heel anytime soon, so they'll pull the trigger on a Reigns heel turn.

#3 WWE won't put all their eggs in one basket again

WWE needs multiple huge stars to carry the company, not one

The company has already made this mistake with Roman Reigns, focusing on a single guy for the past several years and trying to turn him into the biggest superstar of this generation.

The problem with this move is that when the guy gets injured, all that long-term planning goes down the drain. WWE protected Reigns on multiple occasions, even letting him defeat The Undertaker at Mania. Suddenly, Reigns got diagnosed with leukemia and this resulted in major plans getting scrapped in the flick of a second.

WWE is bound to build multiple faces from now on, like Rollins and Balor. They won't be relying on a babyface Reigns, as anything could happen. A heel turn will keep the storyline plans at a minimum, and won't hurt WWE in case of another hiatus.

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Published 10 Mar 2019, 14:15 IST