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The Rock 'N' Sock Connection was a strange but incredibly entertaining tag team

4 strangest pairings in WWE history

WWE has seen its fair share of wacky partnerships over the years. It's a trope the company has returned to numerous times, forcing two superstars who seemingly have nothing in common to work as a unit.

It has produced mixed results, with some teams going on to have great success and becoming beloved by fans. Others don't fare as well and quickly disappear without having much of an impact.


More often than not, they're entertaining to watch, especially the extremely strange pairings. On that note, here are the four strangest pairings in WWE history.

#4. Booker T and Goldust's pairing benefitted both men's careers

Booker T's partnership with Goldust helped both of their careers

Booker T's partnership with Goldust, while incredibly strange at first, did wonders for both men's careers.


After a strong start to his WWE tenure following a move from WCW, Booker T hit a bit of a wall. He was struggling to make a name for himself in Vince McMahon's company.

Teaming with Goldust eventually proved to be the catalyst that pushed Booker toward the main event scene. The pair were an oddball tag team from the get-go, and the story, which featured the Bizarre One trying to win Booker over, was entertaining.

Eventually, the former WCW Champion warmed up to Goldust and the pair had a great run together, winning the World Tag Team Championships once. Their time together helped Booker show a comedic side to his character that he had rarely shown before while helping Goldust become relevant again for the first time in years.


#3. Edge and Hulk Hogan had a run as Smackdown Tag Team Champions

July 4, 2002.

Edge and childhood idol Hollywood Hulk Hogan winning the Tag Team Championship.

20 years ago. I'll never forget that.

Growing up, Hulk Hogan was Edge's idol, so having the pair win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships together in 2002 was a nice touch for the Rated 'R' Superstar.

That doesn't change the fact that the pairing was a very strange one. Hogan had recently rejoined WWE after several years in WCW and was coming off an electric encounter with The Rock at WrestleMania 18.

No one really saw a tag team run alongside Edge coming for Hogan, but the pair had instant chemistry and had a successful, albeit brief, run together. On paper, the two didn't really look like they belonged together, but they made the most of their partnership and both men benefitted from it.

#2. Daniel Bryan and Kane had a great run as Team Hell No

Team Hell No had a great run as Tag Team Champions

Daniel Bryan teaming up with Kane came out of nowhere, but Team Hell No quickly became one of the most beloved acts in WWE.


After almost two decades in the company, the pairing breathed new life into The Big Red Machine and allowed him to show a comedic side he very rarely got the chance to display.

The pair shouldn't have gone together and didn't seem to mesh at all, but somehow they became one of the most popular tag teams in the company. Everything they did on-screen was hilarious and their time together really got the best out of them both.

Despite only being together for a brief amount of time, Team Hell No had a huge impact on WWE, something not many would have seen coming considering how strange the pairing was.

#1. The Rock 'n' Sock Connection broke ratings records for WWE

August 30 1999 Rock n Sock connection WWE tag team champs

Considering the absolute wars The Rock and Mankind engaged in, it was surprising to see the pair eventually join forces to create the Rock 'n' Sock Connection.

Their personalities couldn't have been more different, but somehow it just worked. They were incredibly entertaining together and quickly became huge fan favorites.

The pair won the WWE Tag Team Championships during their time together, as well as breaking the ratings record for the most-watched segment in the company's history with the famous 'This Is Your Life' segment.

Of course, both men worked better as singles stars, but their time together, as strange as the pairing initially seemed, created some of WWE's most entertaining moments.

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